Anna Sui Fall 2013 Fuses Gossip Girl Flair With Sixties Style

Over-the-knee socks, twinsets, sweater vests, boucle coats and wool berets… you wouldn’t expect to lust after any of the following items in May, but seeing as summer doesn’t appear to be arriving any time soon I’ve turned my attention to the Autumn/Winter 2013 collections. And one show, in particular, is standing out above the rest. The Anna Sui Fall 2013 collection is vibrant, fun and full of interesting styling ideas.

Anna Sui Fall 2013

Anna Sui’s inspiration for Autumn/Winter 2013 came from the sixties, but the runway styling also reminded me of Blair Waldorf and her loyal ‘minions’. Had Blair been a little less Park Avenue and slightly more bohemian these looks could easily have come from Gossip Girl season one. Can’t you just picture her wearing the raspberry pink coat with matching beret? It has Constance Billard School for Girls written all over it! If I had the time and patience I’d totally photoshop her face into the Anna Sui collection.

Blair Gossip Girl School Uniform Style

Start collecting over-the-knee socks in an array of eye-popping patterns, and keep your eyes peeled for printed twinsets and zany handbags. By September I’m sure the high street will be full of copycat designs, but if you able to put the Anna Sui Fall 2013 look together now you should definitely go for it! It’s always nice to be first in on a trend…

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