The Best Affordable Artwork for Your Home

Affordable Artwork for the Home

I’ve been living in my apartment for just over two months, and I’m finally getting to the fun part of decorating. All of my furniture is in place (just about), the clutter has been cleared away, and I can now get down to styling bookshelves and hanging pictures.

One of the first things I did after receiving the keys to my one-bed was paint all of the walls white. I love colour, but because it’s such a compact space I decided to keep things minimal. And, instead of bright emulsion, I’m adding interest and personality to the walls with affordable artwork.

Websites JUNIQE and Desino both cater to my taste for breathtaking photography, abstract art and cool typography. So whenever I have a spare moment at the end of the day I scroll through their galleries and save prints to my bookmarks folder. At the moment I have a wish list so long I could probably open an art gallery!

If you’ve been searching for affordable artwork for your home, here is my roundup of the best prints to order online, right now. Which are your favourites?


Affordable Art Abstract

Top row from left: ABSTRACT OIL 2 | Abstract Painting X | BLUE GOLD POSTER Middle row from left: Pink and Orange | Swamp Bottom row from left: TRINITY NO2 | Copper 02 | BLACK FADE NO1


Affordable Art Nature

Top row from left: Beach Fun | PINK BEACH ABOVE Middle row from left: Aventyr | Camels Sahara Bottom row from left: SURFERS WAVE | Palm Lover


Affordable Art Typography

From top right: OHFTRAVEL THE WORLD | HANGRY Middle row from left: As If | Hell Yeah Bottom row from left: BON APPETIT | XO BLACK | Zigazig

I absolutely love my apartment, but I wish I had a larger kitchen so I could display both the ‘Hangry’ and ‘Bon Appetit’ prints on a shelf, alongside some kilner jars. If you have a large(ish) kitchen please order these prints ASAP and live out this fantasy for me…

Where do you find affordable artwork for your home? And have any of these prints caught your eye? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts…

Pictured in my home: ABSTRACT NO1, 61x91cm

P.S. A feminine interior update inspired by Meghan Markle’s Toronto home


  1. This post couldn’t have come at a better time, desperate for a piece of artwork for my lounge but struggling to find the abstract style i want > literally love what you’ve chosen!

    Mel x

  2. I really need some new artwork for my home and this has come at the perfect time!


  3. Jandrew says:

    I suggest go to local art school shows , community art sales ect . Not only can you meet the artist and create an experience you can also support up-and-coming artists !
    Dress The Part

  4. Sharni says:

    OOOH YOU CHOSE THE PERFECT PRINT! It’s so gorgeous. I’d love to see more interiors stuff plzzzz!

    Sharni |


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