406 Adjectives That Start with G | Best List with Definitions and Examples


In this article, we are going to talk about adjectives that start with G. Before we go into the details of adjectives beginning with G, let’s talk about the letter G. G is the seventh letter of the ISO basic Latin alphabet. Plutarch ascribes the invention of G to a Roman named Spurius Carvilius Ruga, who lived in the 3rd century BC.

You must be quite familiar with the term adjectives. You might also have a few adjectives that start with G at your disposal. But do you know what their significance is in English language? Are they just here to make your language prettier, or are adjectives actually essential for communicating well in English?

One of the reason adjectives are important is that adjectives enable us to describe something when it is not actually present. For example, imagine that your daughter lost her favorite doll. You offer to help her look for it. You don’t have a photo, so your daughter uses adjectives to describe what the doll looks like. She may give the following description of the doll.

My doll has straight, blonde hair, and she’s wearing a denim dress and a beaded necklace. In this utterance, straight, blonde, denim, and beaded are the adjectives that are giving the description of the lost doll. After hearing you will develop the image of that doll in your mind. You will witness a number of such descriptive words that start with G in this article.

Without making you wait any further, let’s now dive into the list of adjectives that start with G given below.

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Adjectives That Start with G You Always Use

An adjective properly describes the noun. It marks what the noun is all about? Following are some of the adjectives starting with G that we use regularly in our day-to-day lives.

1. Gone

  • Definition: no longer present; departed
  • Synonyms: away, absent, off
  • Example: You were gone a long time.

2. Glad

  • Definition: feeling pleasure or happiness
  • Synonyms: thrilled, happy, delighted
  • Example: Joanna is really glad about my success.

3. Gay

  • Definition: light-hearted and carefree
  • Synonyms: cheerful, merry, jolly
  • Example: Mark had a gay disposition and a very pretty face.

4. Giving

  • Definition: providing love or other emotional support
  • Synonyms: caring, kind
  • Example: Thomas was very giving and supportive.

5. Generous

  • Definition: showing a readiness to give more of something
  • Synonyms: liberal, giving, open handed
  • Example: They made a generous donation to charity.

6. General

  • Definition: affecting or concerning all or most people or things
  • Synonyms: common, extensive, popular
  • Example: All these books are of general interest.

7. Grassy

  • Definition: covered with grass.
  • Synonyms: reedy, lush, verdant
  • Example: They are lying on a grassy lawn.

8. Green

  • Definition: of a color between blue and yellow; of the color of grass
  • Synonyms: greenish, grassy, verdant
  • Example: Harper bought green apples at the store.

9. Gorgeous

  • Definition: very beautiful or pleasant
  • Synonyms: attractive, beautiful, handsome
  • Example: The bride looked gorgeous.

10. Golden

  • Definition: colored or shining like gold
  • Synonyms: blonde, fair, bright
  • Example: Once upon a time there was a beautiful young princess with long golden hair.

Adjectives That Start with G You Usually Use

Adjectives are an important part of our everyday conversations and writings, and we cannot do without them. Following is a list of adjectives that start with the letter G that we usually use in our daily lives.

1. Glowing

  • Definition: expressing great praise
  • Synonyms: enthusiastic, commendatory
  • Example: Tom’s latest book has received glowing reviews.

2. Grim

  • Definition: worrying; without hope
  • Synonyms: sour, aloof
  • Example: Joanna’s future looks grim.

3. Growing

  • Definition: increasing in size or quantity
  • Synonyms: thriving, spreading
  • Example: A growing youth has a wolf in his belly.

4. Guarded

  • Definition: cautious and having possible reservations
  • Synonyms: cautious, careful, circumspect
  • Example: Jack has given a guarded welcome to the idea.

5. Groovy

  • Definition: very fashionable and interesting
  • Synonyms: neat, fabulous
  • Example: That’s a groovy hat you’re wearing, did you knit it yourself?

6. Graphical

  • Definition: represented by or relating to a graph
  • Synonyms: diagrammatic, drawn, written
  • Example: Both programs are based around a simple graphical interface.

7. German

  • Definition: belonging to or relating to Germany, its language, or its people
  • Synonyms: Deutsch, from Germany
  • Example: He was born to German parents.

8. Greenish

  • Definition: slightly green in color
  • Synonyms: light-green, grassy
  • Example: Viola ordered a greenish drink with ice cubes.

9. Guilty

  • Definition: culpable of or responsible for a specified wrongdoing
  • Synonyms: culpable, liable
  • Example: Asher was found guilty of manslaughter.

10. Grinning

  • Definition: smiling broadly
  • Synonyms: laughing, smiling
  • Example: Julian looked at Mick’s grinning face.

Adjectives That Start with G You Often Use

Let us now proceed towards learning a list of adjectives with letter G that we usually make of. This list also contains adjectives that start with G for a person and the unique traits he/she possesses such as gallant, gutless, etc.

1. Grammatical

  • Definition: relating to grammar or obeying the rules of grammar
  • Synonyms: syntactic, morphological
  • Example: The writer has used several complex grammatical constructions in his article.

2. Gallant

  • Definition: showing no fear of difficult things
  • Synonyms: brave, courageous, valiant
  • Example: Sierra is making gallant efforts to pull herself together.

3. Glittering

  • Definition: exciting or admired by many people
  • Synonyms: sparkling, shimmering
  • Example: The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most glittering occasions in the movie world.

4. Gross

  • Definition: very obvious and unacceptable
  • Synonyms: blatant, obvious
  • Example: These are gross human rights abuses that Israel is committing.

5. Glossy

  • Definition: smooth and shiny
  • Synonyms: shining, gleaming, lustrous
  • Example: Emma saw a dog with a glossy coat.

6. Gloomy

  • Definition: unhappy and without hope
  • Synonyms: dismal, dreary
  • Example: The cemetery is a gloomy place.

7. Gluey

  • Definition: sticky, or covered with glue
  • Synonyms: adhesive, clingy, glutinous
  • Example: You’d better wash those gluey hands of yours.

8. Glorified

  • Definition: (of something or someone ordinary or unexceptional) represented as or appearing more elevated or special than is the case
  • Synonyms: proclaimed, exalted, lauded
  • Example: He’s no more than a glorified accountant.

9. Grave

  • Definition: urgent and very bad
  • Synonyms: serious, momentous
  • Example: Sammy has got himself into a grave situation.

10. Gutless

  • Definition: showing no courage
  • Synonyms: cowardly, faint-hearted, spineless
  • Example: This government is too gutless to take on the big long-term problems such as pollution.

Adjectives That Start with G You Sometimes Use

Adjectives are crucial because they make sentences more meaningful. This is why they are frequently referred to as describing words. Following are some of the describing words beginning with G that we only sometimes use in our daily lives.

1. Gainful

  • Definition: providing money or something else that is useful
  • Synonyms: advantageous, beneficial
  • Example: Many graduates tell of months spent in search of gainful employment.

2. Gummy

  • Definition: showing the gums
  • Synonyms: sticky, tacky, gluey
  • Example: The baby gave her a gummy smile.

3. Glum

  • Definition: disappointed or unhappy, and quiet
  • Synonyms: gloomy, downcast, downhearted
  • Example: After dinner, Kate lapsed into a glum silence.

4. Grueling

  • Definition: extremely tiring and difficult
  • Synonyms: exhausting, tiring, fatiguing
  • Example: Rafael Nadal eventually won the match after five grueling sets of tennis.

5. Gratuitous

  • Definition: done without good reason; uncalled for
  • Synonyms: unjustified, unwanted
  • Example: There’s too much crime and gratuitous violence on TV.

6. Gaping

  • Definition: (of a hole, wound, etc.) wide open
  • Synonyms: cavernous, yawning, wide
  • Example: The bomb had left gaping holes in the wall.

7. Glutinous

  • Definition: like glue in texture; sticky
  • Synonyms: gluey, gummy
  • Example: Short-grain rice turns into a soft, glutinous mass when cooked.

8. Grandiloquent

  • Definition: way of using language is complicated in order to attract admiration and attention
  • Synonyms: pompous, bombastic, magniloquent
  • Example: Her speech was full of grandiloquent language, but it contained no new ideas.

9. Germfree

  • Definition: containing no germs
  • Synonyms: sterile, clean
  • Example: You should opt for a germ-free environment to raise your kid.

10. Gluttonous

  • Definition: using more than you need
  • Synonyms: greedy, gourmandizing, voracious
  • Example: Lidia eats because she is gluttonous, not hungry.

Adjectives That Start with G You Occasionally Use

It is a known thing that the majority of us have a finite number of adjectives at our disposal. The more one reads about them, the more one discovers about them. Following are some of the adjective words that start with G that we use occasionally.

1. Granular

  • Definition: made of, or seeming like, granules
  • Synonyms: powdery, grainy, granulated
  • Example: This substance is very hard and granular.

2. Gaga

  • Definition: unable to think clearly and make decisions because of old age
  • Synonyms: featherbrained, unsound, empty-headed
  • Example: My granny’s 94 and she’s a bit gaga.

3. Ghastly

  • Definition: causing great horror or fear
  • Synonyms: terrible, horrible, frightful
  • Example: She woke up in the middle of a ghastly nightmare.

4. Gory

  • Definition: involving or showing violence and bloodshed
  • Synonyms: bloody, brutal, savage
  • Example: The regiment halted amidst a gory, ghastly scene.

5. Germane

  • Definition: relevant to a subject under consideration
  • Synonyms: relevant, pertinent, applicable
  • Example: Her remarks could not have been more germane to the discussion.

6. Grungy

  • Definition: (of a person) feeling tired and dirty
  • Synonyms: dirty, grimy, rundown
  • Example: Nathanial showed up for the interview wearing some grungy old sweatshirt.

7. Gripping

  • Definition: interesting or exciting
  • Synonyms: engrossing, enthralling
  • Example: I found the book so gripping that I couldn’t put it down.

8. Grudging

  • Definition: given or allowed only reluctantly or resentfully
  • Synonyms: reluctant, unwilling, disinclined
  • Example: Annie won the grudging respect of her boss.

9. Gabby

  • Definition: talkative or garrulous
  • Synonyms: chatty, loquacious, garrulous
  • Example: Mona is a very gabby girl.

10. Gelatinous

  • Definition: thick and like jelly
  • Synonyms: slimy, thick
  • Example: Pour a cup of the gelatinous mixture into the blender.

Adjectives That Start with G You Seldom Use

Following are some G adjectives that people seldom come across in their lives. If you master these adjectives, you will be rewarded with the ability to raise the level of engagement, intrigue, and expressiveness in your work.

1. Gravitational

  • Definition: relating to gravity or gravitation
  • Synonyms: attractive, planetary
  • Example: A black hole is so dense that nothing can escape its gravitational pull.

2. Groggy

  • Definition: weak and unable to think clearly or walk correctly
  • Synonyms: dazed, muzzy, stupefied
  • Example: I felt a little bit groggy after jaundice.

3. Grouchy

  • Definition: easily annoyed and complaining
  • Synonyms: crabby, crotchety, grumpy
  • Example: Don’t be so grouchy!

4. Gnomic

  • Definition: used to describe something spoken or written that is short
  • Synonyms: incisive, concise
  • Example: Peter is always coming out with gnomic utterances.

5. Gubernatorial

  • Definition: of or relating to a governor
  • Synonyms: governmental, regulatory
  • Example: Richard looks like a gubernatorial candidate.

6. Grotesque

  • Definition: strange and unpleasant, in a silly or frightening way
  • Synonyms: malformed, deformed, misshapen
  • Example: Gothic churches are full of devils and grotesque figures.

7. Gratis

  • Definition: without asking for any payment; free
  • Synonyms: complimentary, costless
  • Example: He offered his services gratis to those in need.

8. Generic

  • Definition: shared by, or relating to a whole group of similar things
  • Synonyms: general, common, collective
  • Example: The new range of engines all had a generic problem with their fan blades.

9. Gibbous

  • Definition: (of the moon) having the illuminated part greater than a semicircle
  • Synonyms: humped, crescent, crookbacked
  • Example: If there is a gibbous moon, you can see more than half of the moon but not all of it.

10. Gaunt

  • Definition: (of a person) lean and haggard, especially because of suffering, hunger, or age
  • Synonyms: haggard, drawn, cadaverous
  • Example: I saw a tall, gaunt woman yesterday.

Positive Adjectives That Start with G

If you wish to learn such intriguing words, you might begin by memorizing a list of positive adjectives that start with G. For your convenience, a list of adjectives that start with G has been provided below.

1. Gracious

  • Definition: courteous, kind, and pleasant, especially towards someone of lower social status
  • Synonyms: compassionate, congenial, calm
  • Example: Jay conducted himself in a gracious manner.

2. Gratifying

  • Definition: pleasing and satisfying
  • Synonyms: pleasing, gladdening, satisfying
  • Example: It must be very gratifying to see all your children grown up and happy.

3. Gritty

  • Definition: showing courage and resolve
  • Synonyms: determined, firm, resolute
  • Example: Liverpool’s gritty fightback was rewarded by a goal in the closing minutes.

4. Godly

  • Definition: devoutly religious; pious
  • Synonyms: angelic, celestial, charismatic
  • Example: We visited a godly temple yesterday.

5. Genteel

  • Definition: being very polite and gentle
  • Synonyms: elegant, noble, polite
  • Example: Dawson came from a genteel family.

6. Gutsy

  • Definition: brave and determined
  • Synonyms: bold, courageous, fearless
  • Example: Federer is a gutsy player, he never gives in.

7. Groundbreaking

  • Definition: original and important; showing a new way of doing or thinking about things
  • Synonyms: innovative, revolutionary, avant-garde
  • Example: He is conducting a groundbreaking research into fertility problems.

8. Gauzy

  • Definition: resembling gauze; thin and translucent
  • Synonyms: translucent, delicate, diaphanous
  • Example: The curtains were long and gauzy, fluttering in a slight breeze.

9. Grandiose

  • Definition: impressive and imposing
  • Synonyms: bombastic, imposing, magnificent
  • Example: James’s always producing grandiose plans and he succeeds in them as well.

10. Gamesome

  • Definition: playful; frolicsome
  • Synonyms: carefree, joyful
  • Example: Scarlet’s son is really bright and gamesome.

Adjectives That Start with G to Describe a Person

Adjectives are used to define people’s distinctive qualities, which is one of their most important characteristics. They help to shape either a positive or negative impression of people around you. Following is a list of adjectives that start with G to describe a person. Try using these G adjectives to describe a person around you.

1. Grand

  • Definition: magnificent and imposing in appearance, size, or style
  • Synonyms: magnificent, pleasing, splendid
  • Example: Maria’s son is a grand little chap.

2. Gifted

  • Definition: having great natural ability
  • Synonyms: accomplished, brilliant, capable
  • Example: Ella seems like a very gifted young woman.

3. Goodhearted

  • Definition: kind and generous
  • Synonyms: benevolent, kindhearted, benignant
  • Example: Lisa really is a goodhearted lady.

4. Genial

  • Definition: friendly and cheerful
  • Synonyms: affable, cordial, friendly
  • Example: Bob was always genial and welcoming.

5. Good-natured

  • Definition: of a pleasant and cooperative disposition
  • Synonyms: amiable, cordial, friendly
  • Example: Peter’s such a good-natured little boy.

6. Gratified

  • Definition: pleased or satisfied
  • Synonyms: accomplished, delighted, executed
  • Example: He was gratified by Lucy’s response.

7. Galling

  • Definition: markedly irritating
  • Synonyms: irritating, vexing
  • Example: It was galling to have to apologize to a man she hated.

8. Glowering

  • Definition: angry and bad-tempered
  • Synonyms: volatile, angry, mercurial
  • Example: Outside the bank stood two glowering groups of armed men.

9. Gullible

  • Definition: easily persuaded to believe something; easily deceived or tricked
  • Synonyms: credulous, over-trusting, deceivable
  • Example: I’m so gullible I would have believed him.

10. Grumpy

  • Definition: bad-tempered and irritable
  • Synonyms: bad-tempered, ill-tempered, short-tempered
  • Example: She’s very grumpy when her tooth aches.

Adjectives That Start with G – Full List (406 Words)

All of the adjectives described above and more are included in the list of adjectives that start with G supplied below. This list will assist you in recalling your thoughts on the adjectives already discussed in this article.

  • Global
  • Germinal
  • Gustatory
  • Gravitational
  • Glamourous
  • Gastric
  • Grey
  • Gentile
  • Giving
  • Galvanic
  • Gregorian
  • Gibelike
  • Gerundial
  • Glomerular
  • Gettable
  • Gimbaled
  • Gushy
  • Gardant
  • Goethean
  • Glossy
  • Godly
  • Gabonese
  • Given
  • Gyroscopic
  • Gustative
  • Germfree
  • Genitourinary
  • Game-Changing
  • Grown
  • Gradatory
  • Goosey
  • Gauntleted
  • Goofy
  • Galilean
  • Glittery
  • Greenside
  • Good-Looking
  • Gossamer
  • Geothermal
  • Glistering
  • Graduate
  • Groping
  • Gleeful
  • Granular
  • Grander
  • Genitive
  • Grownup
  • Greathearted
  • Grieving
  • Gaelic
  • Gormless
  • Gravid
  • Guileless
  • Gammy
  • Guilty
  • Gamopetalous
  • Guttural
  • Grainy
  • Greyed
  • Gabby
  • Granitic
  • Game
  • Grueling
  • Go
  • Geographical
  • Gilt
  • Gap-Toothed
  • Glassless
  • Grumose
  • Garbled
  • Genotypical
  • Ghostlike
  • Gnostic
  • Genial
  • Gushing
  • Groundless
  • Grassless
  • Goddam
  • Groomed
  • Gilled
  • Golden
  • Grumbling
  • Geometric
  • Great
  • Giddy
  • Gallic
  • Graphical
  • Gauche
  • Genetic
  • German
  • Gastronomic
  • Governmental
  • Grammatic
  • Grandiose
  • Galore
  • Gigantic
  • Graven
  • Geocentric
  • Gullible
  • Glowing
  • Gilt-Edged
  • Gilded
  • Grievous
  • Goodly
  • Garrulous
  • Glad
  • Gobsmacked
  • Gingival
  • Ginger
  • Gaumless
  • Germanic
  • Grateful
  • Gumptious
  • Glutinous
  • Gratified
  • Gruesome
  • Greater
  • Genteel
  • Glowering
  • Grimacing
  • Godforsaken
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Gratis
  • Garmentless
  • Gassy
  • Genuine
  • Gynecologic
  • Gainly
  • Grim
  • Globular
  • Guardant
  • Gastroesophageal
  • Gothic
  • Gutsy
  • Graduated
  • Geologic
  • Guarded
  • Grating
  • Grouchy
  • Going
  • Genic
  • Generic
  • Generational
  • Gleaming
  • Gratifying
  • Gastronomical
  • Geostrategic
  • Grapelike
  • Goodish
  • Gyral
  • Ghoulish
  • Gladsome
  • Grudging
  • Gruff
  • Geodesical
  • Gouty
  • Gastroduodenal
  • Gloveless
  • Galilaean
  • Galling
  • Gripping
  • Graceful
  • Grungy
  • Groggy
  • Gusty
  • Gimpy
  • Gentlemanlike
  • Green
  • Greco-Roman
  • Grimy
  • Gabled
  • Georgian
  • Geodetic
  • Grapy
  • Giant
  • Gossipy
  • Gallican
  • Gone
  • Glabrous
  • Gainful
  • Galvanising
  • Goddamn
  • Gray-Haired
  • Grasping
  • Glace
  • Gangling
  • Genitals
  • Gawky
  • Grassroots
  • Geological
  • Gasping
  • Guiltless
  • Graecophilic
  • Ground-Floor
  • Gamey
  • Gauguinesque
  • Greek
  • Guinean
  • Geothermic
  • Goggle-Eyed
  • Graphic
  • Glassed
  • Gelatinlike
  • Grammatical
  • Ghanian
  • Gargantuan
  • Glib
  • Greenish
  • Gorgeous
  • Granitelike
  • Gritty
  • Genitival
  • Grumpy
  • Gratuitous
  • Gnomic
  • Good-Natured
  • Genovese
  • Gloriously
  • Gambian
  • Glaciated
  • General
  • Gemmiferous
  • Gentlemanly
  • Generative
  • Gubernatorial
  • Gemmed
  • Gnarly
  • Grapey
  • Granulose
  • Goddamned
  • Gravest
  • Gnomish
  • Grave
  • Gracile
  • Grand
  • Gossamery
  • Gibbose
  • Glaucous
  • Gilbertian
  • Gonadotrophic
  • Gingerly
  • Grandiloquent
  • Greyish
  • Gowned
  • Groovy
  • Grotty
  • Greedy
  • Grown-Up
  • Glooming
  • God-Fearing
  • Grubby
  • Gloomy
  • Grotesque
  • Gluteal
  • Greenhouse
  • Ghanese
  • Guaranteed
  • Glacial
  • Grinding
  • Gangly
  • Guatemalan
  • Genital
  • Geriatric
  • Good-Hearted
  • Geopolitical
  • Guyanese
  • Grilled
  • Glorified
  • Gooselike
  • Guiding
  • Germy
  • Gamy
  • Gooey
  • Gynecological
  • Goosy
  • Gaussian
  • Grenadian
  • Goalless
  • Ghostly
  • Glaswegian
  • Garish
  • Getatable
  • Gelded
  • Galwegian
  • Girlish
  • Glandular
  • Gruelling
  • Gamesome
  • Garmented
  • Gradable
  • Gandhian
  • Godless
  • Gaseous
  • Getable
  • Glum
  • Goody-Goody
  • Goal-oriented
  • Gentler
  • Glassy
  • Glamorous
  • Glycogenic
  • Gelid
  • Grandest
  • Groaning
  • Glaring
  • Grayish
  • Gracious
  • Gurgling
  • Graceless
  • Gonadotropic
  • Gnarled
  • Gaga
  • Geodesic
  • Groundbreaking
  • Ghastly
  • Gross
  • Garbed
  • Generalised
  • Gradational
  • General-Purpose
  • Grecian
  • Governing
  • Grasslike
  • Gay
  • Greedily
  • Grisly
  • Giggling
  • Grizzled
  • Glimmery
  • Growling
  • Geometrical
  • Gestural
  • Goateed
  • Glorious
  • Gauzy
  • Gustatorial
  • Gluttonous
  • Gallant
  • Gifted
  • Gravelly
  • Gold
  • Gentle
  • Ghanaian
  • Genoese
  • Glistening
  • Geniculate
  • Grumous
  • Glittering
  • Grizzly
  • Gusseted
  • Guided
  • Gordian
  • Graspable
  • Geographic
  • Grassy
  • Grabby
  • Greensick
  • Gory
  • Greaseproof
  • Glary
  • Greasy
  • Generous
  • Gathered
  • Genotypic
  • Gimcrack
  • Gasified
  • Gummy
  • Groveling
  • Germane
  • Good
  • Gaunt
  • Genetical
  • Galactic
  • Gallinaceous
  • Gelatinous
  • Gold-Digging
  • Gonzo
  • Gutless
  • Gregarious
  • Gangrenous
  • Goodhearted
  • Good-Tempered
  • Grinning
  • Geophytic
  • Gaudy
  • Glial
  • Gluey
  • Garlicky
  • Green-Eyed
  • Gonadal
  • Geostationary
  • Gaping
  • Graecophile
  • Good-Humored
  • Globose
  • Godlike
  • Gibbous
  • Growing
  • Gradual
  • Gray
  • Governable
  • Glabellar
  • Glottal
  • Geophysical
  • Goethian
  • Gingery

Final Thoughts on Adjectives That Start with G

Thank you for going through this article on adjectives that start with G. You must have understood the importance of adjectives in our everyday talks by now.

If you don’t have adjectives starting with G 100% nailed down just yet, or are still finding it difficult to use them into phrases and sentences, don’t worry. Grammar is one of the most challenging aspects of the English language to learn, and it’s a long road to mastery.

You need to go through this article a couple of times to get a firm grip of adjectives that start with G. These adjectives can be incredibly handy since they give us description of each and everything in this world. This is why you must put all your efforts into learning these descriptive words that start with G.