5 Podcasts to Subscribe to This Year

5 Podcasts to Subscribe To

It’s hard for me to pinpoint exactly when this happened, but at some point last year I became completely addicted to podcasts. I listen to them whilst travelling, working, cooking, and even when I’m taking a bath. If a window of time opens up and I’m able to listen to a podcast I always do, because it’s such a fun way to learn new things and expend your way of thinking.

If you’re also a podcast addict, and are always looking for cool shows to subscribe to, here are five of my current favourites. Check them out and let me know your thoughts…

The Hollywood Reporter is capitalising on all of the Awards Season excitement with their weekly podcast, Awards Chatter. Awards analyst (yes, that’s a real job), Scott Feinberg, interviews the nominees everyone is raving about – from Meryl Streep, Natalie Portman and Ruth Negga to Warren Beatty and Adam Driver. If you’re a film fanatic you’ll love it!

Note to Self describes itself as “a tech show about being human” and it’s the one podcast on this list that is likely to appeal to everyone. Each week host Manoush Zomorodi takes a look at the latest ways technology is shaping human life. Questioning everything from the files Facebook hold about us (creepy) to technology under Trump (scary), Note to Self will change the way you think about technology.

Who doesn’t want to be friends with Garance Doré? If you loved her book, Love x Style x Life, you’re sure to adore her weekly podcast. In Pardon My French Garance sits down with friends, colleagues and A-list celebrities to have casual conversations about life. Episodes cover a wide variety of topics – including tattoos, stress, jealous and even pets. Listen and prepare to be charmed!

If you love discussing dating and relationships with your friends Savage Lovecast is sure to pique your interest. Listeners phone in with their problems – which can be anything from “my co-worker hit on me and now we have to go on a business trip together”, to “I’m a woman who enjoys stalking men for the feeling of power”. Host Dan Savage then provides his blunt, straightforward advice, which always gets you thinking.

Photographer and educator Jenna Kutcher launched The Goal Digger Podcast at the end of 2016, and it’s really good! Each week Jenna hosts online workshops with inspirational entrepreneurs and teaches practical techniques that you can apply to your own business. It’s perfect for creatives and anyone who is self-employed or building their own brand.

Which podcasts are you loving right now? Leave a comment below to let me know…

P.S. My new favourite podcast and 5 episodes you need to download ASAP


  1. I am so Tech-paranoid, and with every year of actually working in Technology, it is just getting worse x.x

  2. kirsty_garry says:

    I too have become podcast obsessed. It started with Serial and now I seem to be subscribing to something new every week! I would recommend Who Weekly, Call Your Girlfriend and the Lainey Gossip podcasts (there’s an ‘agony aunt’ style one and one about work, both great). x

    • cocos_tea_party says:

      I keep meaning to check out the Lainey Gossip podcast as I’m addicted to the website. I’ll add the others to my list too!


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