My 19 for 2019 Progress Update

Ella Coco's Tea Party 19 for 2019

Because I started the year feeling a bit “meh” and uninspired, I haven’t had much of a spring in my step, lately. And, as a result, my 19 for 2019 list has largely been ignored.

I set myself a lot of goals for the year – some ambitious (learn Spanish), others less so (get my Isabel Marant boots re-heeled). And below I’m sharing an update on how I’ve been getting on…

Things I’ve Already Achieved:

“Get a mirror for my living room” – I went above and beyond on this one, and now have two mirrors in my living room. It was an easy thing to tick off the list, though.

“Dedicate time once a month to brainstorm and think through other creative endeavours outside of the blogging world” – I’ve been journalling, note-taking and brainstorming a LOT. It hasn’t produced any lightbulb moments, as of yet, but here’s hoping…

Where I’m Making Progress:

“Learn how to do Shirshasana pose (a headstand) in yoga” – I can’t do a headstand yet, but I’ve been making great progress with inversions. So I feel like I’m heading in the right direction.

“Read between 40-50 books throughout the year” – So far I’ve read over 30 books, so should have no problem getting to 50 books before the end of the year!

“Treat the hyperpigmentation around my mouth” – I tried light therapy in February. Unfortunately it gave me a migraine, so I’m now exploring other treatment options.

“Go on a yoga retreat” – I’ve been proactive about researching yoga retreats. So far all of the ones I’ve wanted to attend have been too expensive or have clashed with friends’ weddings. But I’m determined to find one that works!

What I’ve Ditched From the List:

“Take a work trip to New York with Monica” – We’ve had to put this on hold for 2019.

“Continue learning Spanish” – I dropped out of Spanish lessons in January, for various reasons. But I hope to revisit this goal at another time, because I really enjoyed learning a language.

“See a physiotherapist about my permanently-tight hamstrings” – Once I dropped barre from my weekly routine, my hamstrings stopped being such drama queens. So thankfully I haven’t needed a physio appointment.

What I’m Adding to My List:

Save small amounts of money as and when I can. I’d love to travel to Nashville, Austin, LA or Mexico later this year, or at the start of 2020. So I need to start putting some money aside, as whichever destination I choose it will be an expensive trip.

Read one personal-growth or business book each month.

Experiment more with my content, and challenge myself to take some risks.

Style Credits: Heart knit by Mint Velvet (gift)

How are you getting on with your 19 for 2019 goals? Share your progress in the comments section below…

Photos by Kylie Eyra


  1. Flic says:

    Ahhh I looked at mine the other day (and I only had 9 so much less ambitious!) and I can’t believe how much my priorities have changed again… I think we can all feel quite a bit of pressure to start the new year with intention, but actually you never know what the year holds in terms of adventures and growth for you and those intentions can change hugely. A flexible list is definitely the way to go 😉

  2. Marta says:

    Setting goals when we’re feeling motivated is easy. Trying to accomplish those goals when we’re not feeling motivated is extremely hard. I personally didn’t set any goals for the year but I do set a few every month and so far I haven’t accomplished much but I feel like each month I get closer and closer to accomplishing them so maybe there’ll be a month in the future where I actually do accomplish them.

  3. I loved the idea of this post! It’s so nice to reflect on the year before the mid-mark because it gives you time to re-adjust your goals and desires! I really want to learn Norwegian this year (or at least get better at it) but I just have to be proactive for that goal!


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