18 Great Memories From 2018

Highlights from 2018

This post very quickly became a love letter to 2018. Because it has been such an incredible year!

Rather symbolically I moved into my flat right at the start of January. So I entered the year full of concerns that I wouldn’t like living alone, and that I’d struggle to pay all of my monthly bills and go bankrupt (this sounds dramatic, but it was really playing on my mind).

But thankfully I’ve loved living alone (and quickly stopped fearing bankruptcy). And 2018 has ended up being one of the most incredible years I’ve experienced, so far!

Below I’m sharing 18 amazing memories from the year. It was so hard to narrow it down to just a few highlights, but I think I’ve managed to capture all of my favourite moments from 2018…

Best Moments from 2018

18 Amazing Moments From 2018

Moving In
Chewton Glen

1. Moving into my new home… On the first weekend of January I finally moved out of my parents house and into my West London apartment. This is one of the first very snapshots I took of my flat.

2. New Year catch-ups... At the beginning of the year House of Fraser invited Monica and I on a 24-hour fitness retreat. We spent more time in the hot tub than we did exercising, but our epic New Year catch-up is still one of my favourite memories from the year.

New York January

3. A spontaneous trip to NYC… At the end of January I took a spontaneous trip to New York to visit a guy I’d starting dating long-distance. Ultimately the relationship didn’t last, but I’m so glad I took that chance and saw it through.

4. Learning to like snow… As you know, I hate cold weather, but in March I went on an amazing press trip to Gstaad, and it was such an incredible experience. I loved every second!

Gstaad Palace
Cosmo Awards

5. Making new friends… This year I met so many incredible women. I was lucky enough to take a lot of short trips this year, and on every single one I was surrounded by the most incredible and inspiring women.

6. The Cosmopolitan Influencer Awards… In the spring I was nominated for a Cosmo Influencer Award for “Best Content”. I didn’t end up winning, but it was so great to be recognised in that category. And the wonderful team at Tom Ford Beauty did my makeup for the ceremony.

Masseria Trapana
Masseria Trapana Italy

7. Visiting Puglia… I got to travel quite a lot at the beginning of the year, and without a doubt my favourite trip was to Masseria Trapana in Puglia, Italy. It’s the most incredible hotel, and I really hope I get the chance to visit again in the not-too-distant future.


8. I realised I actually like cooking… This is the year that I finally started to feel comfortable in the kitchen and found my groove. I now enjoy cooking so much that I might start featuring a few recipes on CTP next year.

9. Two of my favourite people got engaged… Monica easily wins the award for “most exciting text message of 2018” (if there was such an award). After Oli proposed at sunrise while they were on holiday in Menorca she slipped into my messages with a series of exclamation marks and the engagement ring emoji.

Philips Retreat
Wimbledon 2018

10. The Philips retreat… Hot off her engagement, Monica joined me in the New Forest to host a retreat for a dozen of our favourite influencers, in collaboration with Philips. It was such an amazing project to get to work on.

11. Wimbledon… I LOVE tennis, so was delighted to join the Bicester Village team at Wimbledon, this summer. We got to see Serena Williams play her first match at the championships after her maternity leave.

Summer 2018
Summer 2018

12. Summer was amazing… 2018 shall forever be remembered as the year that London had a proper summer. Every day was an absolute joy!

Let's Discuss Live
Coco's Tea Party Book Club

13. Let’s Discuss Live… Hosting a live episode of the Let’s Discuss Podcast was on the 2018 bucket list for both Monica and myself. And this summer we made it happen, when we recorded in front of an audience of listeners at the Sainsbury’s Home AW18 press day.

14. Coco’s Tea Party Book Club… This year I decided to celebrate my passion for reading by launching the monthly #CocosTeaPartyBookClub email newsletter. I have so much fun putting it together each month, and can’t wait to work on in throughout 2019!

Silou London
Tata Harper Mask

15. I got back into yoga… As you may know, I took an extended break from exercise when I moved house. And this was quite detrimental to both my physical and mental health. Luckily this summer I found a local yoga studio that I adore, and got back into a regular routine. I also finally mastered crow pose!

16. My hormonal health improved… In late 2017 I started reacting badly to my birth control pill, which sent my hormones out of whack. But in April this year I switched to the IUD coil, and my hormones finally settled down (which means no more surprise breakouts). Listen to episode #28 of the Let’s Discuss Podcast for more on this.

Windsor Castle
Desk Setup

17. I explored more of the UK… I feel like this is the year that I stepped outside the London bubble and explored more of the United Kingdom. I visited Cambridge, Windsor, The New Forest (multiple times), The Cotswolds, Suffolk and Devon. It was so lovely, and hope to do more local exploring in 2019.

18. I paid all of my bills… My biggest fear at the start of the year was going bankrupt! I was so afraid I’d melt under the pressure of having a mortgage, or that I’d struggle to keep up with all of my bills and expenses. But I managed to do it, and feel like it’s an achievement worth celebrating.

Lily and Lionel Top

Top by Lily & Lionel (gift) | Calendar by Libby Vander Ploeg at Anthropologie | Wreath by Sainsbury’s Home (gift)

What are some of your favourite memories from 2018? And have you already started looking ahead and making plans for the New Year? Comment below to have your say…

Photos by Lydia Collins


  1. Emilie Hall says:

    Love this so much! It’s easy to always think about the “TO-DO list” and feel like you’re falling short, but it’s so empowering to make the “Have Done” list too and actually see how far you’ve come. Also not going bankrupt and thriving at self-employed life is HUGE. xxx

  2. Oh what a fantastic idea and a lovely way to recap favourite moments of the year. I may write something similar on my blog, and I hope you don’t mind? – theflairsophy | http://www.theflairsophy.com

  3. Genya says:

    I really love this post! This gives 2018 so many happy vibes! Thanks for inspiring, I hope you don’t mind if I write a similar post about my year 🙂

  4. Julia says:

    Loving this positive 2018 recap, what a great year! Here’s to 2019 🙂
    Julia x https://freshbeautyfix.com/


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