7 Things To Do This Weekend: The Spring Lipstick and Punk Edition

What do you have planned this weekend? I’m going to be working for most of it (a blogger never stops), but I’m hoping to catch a break at some point so I can make fruit popsicles. Don’t they look absolutely delicious? Here are 7 more fun and fashionable ideas for the weekend. Whatever you’re doing have a fabulous time…

7 Things To Do Weekend Spring Lipstick

1. Create a weekend playlist… Remember the innocent and seriously un-tech days of mix tapes and summer playlists? I really miss then. Setting iTunes to Shuffle just isn’t the same. So this weekend I plan to make a couple of playlists – one for the weekend, a couple for work and workouts and another for relaxing. Any song suggestions?

2. Make fruit popsicles… Spring has finally arrived and I fancy celebrating with a fruit popsicle! Even the most useless cooks can master this recipe, which requires minimal skill and effort. They’re so simple but look so pretty!

3. Fragrance your home… Jo Malone London has just launched a new fragrance collection for the home. English Pear & Freesia comes in six options: a candle, a diffuser, a room spray, a pair of luxurious clothes hangers, a fabric sachet set and scented drawer liners. Starting at £30 the collection is a little pricey, but perfect if you’re looking to treat yourself or a friend. The fragrance itself is clean, refreshing and totally irresistible!

4. Search for a new spring lipstick… If you haven’t already invested in a new lip colour for spring now is the perfect time to shop for one! I’ll be wearing coral shades this season, as they seem to be universally flattering. If you feel like splashing out try Chanel’s Rouge Coco collection or Lipstick Queen, but for less than £10 you can’t go wrong with a Revlon shade. Their colours are long-lasting and moisturising.

5. Get creative… Ever since I was given the Ryan Gosling colouring book for Christmas I’ve got really into colouring in.   Ryan may be hot, but he’s not that interesting to colour (how many plaid shirts can one man wear?), so I’ve branched out into the world of fashion colouring books. Colour Me Good Fashion [pictured above] and My Wonderful World of Fashion are both worth checking out.

6. Order some J.Crew jewellery… Fashion insiders are absolutely obsessed with J.Crew, and this season everyone is going mad for their jewellery. The latest collection has just gone live on JCrew.com (which now offers flat-rate shipping to the UK) and it’s so gorgeous I’m tempted to add everything to my shopping cart. See if you can resist…

7. Pre-Order… If you love being the first amongst your friends to discover the hottest new reads make sure you get pre-ordering on Amazon, this weekend. Leandra Medine’s book of essays, Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls., isn’t out until September, but it’s already making headlines. And you can also pre-order Punk: Chaos to Couture, which accompanies the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s upcoming costume exhibition of the same name.