W Magazine Photographs Stars Without Makeup

Kristen Stewart without no makeup W magazine

I hate those tacky tabloid magazine features that constantly alert you to stars without makeup, stars with cellulite, stars with sweat stains etc, etc. Especially as they all continue to use a photo of Cameron Diaz suffering from a break-out before the 2002 release of Gangs of New York. It’s so boring/predictable.

But anyway… for W magazine’s annual ‘movie issue’ Juergen Teller photographed an assortment of A-list stars with little or no makeup. And instead of looking like an UsWeekly special it’s really cool. Kristen Stewart is moody in an Isabel Marant leather dress, Naomi Watts dazzles the camera with a big Hollywood smile and Kerry Washington looks fresh-faced in a Burberry trench coat. Here’s a preview:

Kerry Washington without makeup W magazine
Jessica Chastain no makeup W magazine

The full editorial is now online at wmagazine.com and also features Keira Knightley (with makeup), Nicole Kidman, Elle Fanning, Marion Cotillard, Amy Adams, Rachel Weisz and Frieda Pinto. It’s definitely worth having a proper look!

  • OMG Jessica looks AMAZING without makeup!!! Gorgeous.

  • They all look fantastic but i do think celeb’s definition of “no makeup” is different from ours though.

  • I love these!

  • Darnie

    Jessica has light lipstick and at least brown mascara on……