Victoria Beckham Shares Her Fashion Story at the Vogue Festival

Victoria Beckham Vogue Festival

Victoria Beckham’s Vogue Festival appearance was easily the hot ticket of the weekend. The Queen Elizabeth Hall was packed full of her fans when she sat down with British Vogue’s editor, Alexandra Shulman, to discuss her eponymous brand and life in fashion.

Given her A-list stature, Victoria Beckham’s talk was much more controlled than the other Vogue Festival events. All photography was “strictly” banned and there was no opportunity for audience questions (instead Victoria answered some pre-approved questions sent in on Twitter). It was a bit of shame – as it definitely felt rehearsed and far less relaxed than the weekend’s overall mood – but Victoria was great, and seemed genuinely thrilled to be there.

Alexandra Shulman’s questions focused specifically on the Victoria Beckham brand, and there was little mention of her life before fashion. Victoria revealed she “always dreamt of being in the fashion industry”, but admitted there were “lots of raised eyebrows… from those that could raise their eyebrows” when she showed her debut ready-to-wear collection in 2008.

Although the talk focussed on her design career, Victoria regularly mentioned David and their children. Brooklyn actually watched the talk, alongside Victoria’s parents, and when she casually announced this the audience made the most over-the-top “oooooh” noise. Anyone would have thought she’d just revealed Barak Obama was in the room! But if that reaction went to Brooklyn’s head Victoria was quick to bring him back down-to-earth, later joking that she’s always up late because “I have a baby and a 14-year-old who refuses to go to bed properly.”

Victoria Beckham Vogue Festival
The hot ticket of the Vogue Festival weekend

Like Net-A-Porter’s Natalie Massenet, who spoke the day before, Victoria showed it takes hard work and dedication to make it in the fashion industry. “I’m not afraid of working hard,” she said. “You have to be disciplined.”

Victoria was also asked about how she deals with criticism (a fitting question, seeing as she’s spent most of her time in the public eye being told she’s too thin, too moody etc etc) and her reply showed a very healthy attitude. “I welcome constructive criticism,” she told Alexandra. “No one’s going to be nice all the time. That’s just not realistic.”

And if you’re wondering what’s next for Victoria, she spoke about her desire to open a Victoria Beckham flagship store in London; and when asked if she’d ever show her ready-to-wear collection at London Fashion Week she said “maybe one day.” So watch this space…

Image Morgan O’ Donovan
  • I really enjoyed reading all the tweets on Victoria’s talk, it’s does take some of the fun away with all the restrictions placed-I was surprised when I read your tweet about “no photos” makes it seem less relaxed

  • It’s a shame it wasn’t a little more relaxed like you say but she is a great inspiration and has certainly came far from 2008!