Latest Music Obsession: Valerie June and “Workin’ Woman Blues”

I’ve spent the last two months listening to the Nashville soundtrack exclusively, but I’ve finally expanded my current iTunes playlist, and added The Great Gatsby soundtrack and Valerie June to the mix. If you haven’t heard of Valerie June yet – and I’m sure you have, as she’s been profiled in everything from Sunday Times Style to ELLE UK – you’ve been missing out. Valerie is a folk/blues/gospel/bluegrass singer and songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee. She has an amazing voice and an amazing look, so I’m sure it won’t be long until luxury fashion houses are lining up to work with her. After all, the Pushin’ Against a Stone album artwork shows she accessories like a pro! Those earrings are dreamy…

Valerine June

My favourite Valerie June song is Workin’ Woman Blues, which I’ve had on repeat ever since I discovered it. It was going to be a challenge to pull me out of my Nashville obsession (what can I say, Juliette Barnes is just too cool!), but Valerie was clearly up to the task. Add this to your work playlist now…

You can follow Valerie June on Twitter at @TheValerieJune. Let me know if you’ve also caught the Nashville bug and whether you’re a fan of Valerie June. Also, feel free to share any of your own music recommendations in the comments section.

  • She’s fab, i’m definitely a fan now…thank you for introducing her!…I love those earrings too!…xv

  • Thank you for sharing this song, I’m so into it!! I’m OB-SESSED with Nashville and bough myself and my sister the album. Love it!

    Tanya xx

    • Ella Gregory

      Telescope is the best song ever! I’m glad you like Valerie June too.