A Look Back at US Vogue’s 2013 Covers – Which Was Your Favourite?

It’s my favourite time of year once again… the moment when we get to look back at all 12 US Vogue covers and chose our favourites. Anna Wintour kicked off the year with one of 2013’s most memorable covers: Gwen Stefani posing on a piano in head-to-toe Saint Laurent. This year we also celebrated Jennifer Lawrence’s Vogue debut, and enjoyed Michelle Obama’s second shoot for the magazine. See all the US Vogue 2013 covers below and let me know which issues you liked the best.

US Vogue 2013 CoversJanuary: Gwen Stefani February: Rooney Mara March: Beyoncé April: Michelle Obama May: Carey Mulligan June: Kate Upton July: Katy Perry August: Claire Danes September: Jennifer Lawrence October: Sandra Bullock November: Kate Winslet December: Jessica Chastain

My Favourite Covers: Gwen Stefani, Jessica Chastain and Katy Perry

Most Dissapointing Covers: Rooney Mara, Kate Winslet and Claire Danes

Worst Cover Hair: Sandra Bullock (sorry Sandy!)

Most Exciting Cover Reveals: Jennifer Lawrence, Beyoncé and Carey Mulligan

Covers Stars I Want to See in 2014: Lena Dunham, Kerry Washington and Karlie Kloss

Let me know which US Vogue 2013 covers you loved, hated and were surprised to see. I’d also love to hear which celebrities and models you’d like to see on Vogue’s cover next year…

Images vogue.com
  • Shay

    My favorites: Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain
    My dissapointments: Rooney Mara, Michelle Obama, Katy Perry
    Worst: Carey Mulligan
    Most exciting: Gwen Stefani (she gets a second nomination just because it was that awesome)
    Who I’d like to see: Angelina Jolie, Pink, Emma Watson

  • Mar

    My favourite so far was Jessica Chastain’s. She looks amazing. I also loved Kate Upton’s. The worst by a long mile was Kate Winslet’s. The photoshop is way too awful. I would love to see Kerry next year too. And Mindy Kaling who I love so much. I hope Lena doesn’t agree to be on the cover. After all, the idea of Vogue is something she’s always been against of so if she’s smart enough she’ll say no to the offer.

    • cocos_tea_party

      OMG Mindy! How could I forget?! I’d definitely love to see her on the cover too.

  • lyndesloovere

    I don’t read the Vogue US (Belgian girl) but the cover I like the most is def the one with Gwen Stefani. Everything in that cover is right & matches ! (And I’m a sequin lover haha) xx

  • Nishita

    Worst is a tie between Carey Mulligan and Kate Winslet. Michelle Obama is looking quite strange too.

    I liked Claire Danes and Gewn Stefani – all that gold makes it very eye-catching.

    Kate Upton is a little disappointing, I don’t like how she was styled for the cover.