Bitesized Beauty Review | Ultrasun Face SPF30

Ultrasun Face SPF30

Who? Ultrasun Face SPF30 For Very Sensitive Skin

What? I don’t particularly like wearing sun protection on my face, because most of formulas I’ve tried in the past are either too greasy, don’t sit well underneath makeup or cause breakouts. Ultrasun Face SPF30 is a rare exception to this rule however, and does none of the above. Instead it delivers UVA and UVB protection that’s suitable to wear underneath makeup and become part of your daily beauty routine.

Why? The lightweight cream is free from oils, fragrances and preservatives, and when applied feels just like a decent moisturiser. It sinks into the skin quickly, allowing for instant makeup application, and – best of all – it doesn’t clog up your pores! According to Ultrasun MD, Abi Cleeve, “real protection starts at a minimum SPF of 30”, so it’s a relief to know I’m finally shielded the suns rays. Let the anti-ageing benefits commence…

Where? £18.50 at Feel Unique


  • same with me, i’ve had such bad breakouts because i find them too greasy. will try this one! Also wondering if you ever primer with spf? is the spf effective under primer/make up? x

    • cocos_tea_party

      I don’t use primer very often, to be honest, because I hate putting too many products on my skin *before* I even start with makeup.

      I can’t see why Ultrasun wouldn’t be okay though, because it works fine under foundation etc. This Works in transit camera close up is an SPF, primer and moisturiser though that’s VERY good too.

      • thanks for getting back to me! didn’t realise the transit camera had an spf in it. I really love it! I previously used the chanticille primer (which is also a primer) but didn’t like the feel of it xx

  • Pearls By fleur

    Ok so is this the go to product for sensitive skin? I loathe wearing sun tan on my face but I have to! Getting old and wrinkly and have v sensitive skin. Need to buy some! Do space Nk I have it? I have a boat on the Thames and am looking weather beaten!

    • cocos_tea_party

      It is formulated to work on sensitive skin, so sounds like it will be good for you. I hate wearing suncream on my face too, but Ultrasun doesn’t bother me at all. It’s like like using a moisturiser in the morning.

      They’re stocked at Feel Unique and John Lewis, amongst others. Not sure about Space NK but it’s worth tweeting them at @ultrasunuk to check