Love Relentlessly: A Timeless Tale of Romance

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This month sees the launch of a new Tory Burch fragrance: Love Relentlessly. It’s an inviting, feminine mix of pink pepper, rose and orris, blended with the warmth of patchouli. And the story behind the perfume is as charming as the scent itself. Tory Burch was inspired by her parents love story, and wanted to create a fragrance that would reflect their “perfect romance.”

Tory describes her parents as, “The most romantic couple I have ever known.” Her father used to write love letters for her mother and submit them to their local newspaper’s classified section. And he would always sign off, “Love, Relentless.”

Tory Burch Love Relentlessly
Ella Gregory Aubaine

One of the many love notes Tory’s father wrote for her mother read, “If I told you that I love you, would you hold it against me?”

I’ve always been a sucker for romance, so the story behind the Love Relentlessly fragrance instantly melted my heart.

When Harry Met Sally is one of my favourite movies, and I adore the interviews scattered throughout the film where elderly couples describe how they fell in love. The line, “At that moment I knew. I knew the way you know about a good melon,” is still the sweetest thing I have ever heard. And if I were to write a love letter of my own it would definitely be my sign off.

Love Relentlessly Tory Burch
Love Letters Tory Burch

I’M WEARING: Tory Burch lace-up midi dress and Tory Burch Love Relentlessly

My obsession with romance is quite ironic, however. Because my parents, who have been married for 27 years, are very low-key. They only had two guests at their wedding (where my mum wore a navy blue sweater, rather than a traditional white dress), and never make a big fuss over anniversaries. But their relationship has shown me it’s the little day-to-day acts that make a relationship relentless and everlasting.

Do your parents have a romantic love story? And when was the last time you put pen to paper and wrote a love letter? Texts and WhatsApp messages don’t count…

Cocos Tea Party Tory Burch

Tory Burch Love Relentlessly is now available exclusively at Debenhams and Debenhams Online, starting at £45 for 30ml. 

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{Photos by Kylie Eyra at Aubaine Marylebone, one of my favourite London restaurants}

  • The very art of letter writing is so long gone by now, which makes me rather sad, really, although to be fair I am not doing anything to help it…

    • cocos_tea_party

      Haha I’m exactly the same. I sometimes write cards to friends, but never letters. Need to try and pick it up as a habit!