3 of the Best Fake Tans for Face and Body

3 Top Fake Tans

Around this time last year I published a list of my favourite tanning products. And, although I still rate everything I originally recommended, I’ve now adopted a completely new glow-getting routine. So here is an updated look at the gradual and express tans I like to use for face and body…

The Best Fake Tan for Body

Previous Favourite: St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse, £33

New Favourite: James Read Express Bronzing Mousse, £30

Why I Love It: I still rate the St. Tropez bronzing mousse, and constantly have a bottle in my bathroom cabinet. However, over the last few months James Read’s Express Bronzing Mousse has climbed to the top of my favourites list. To be honest, they’re not that different – both are left to develop for between 1-3 hours, depending on how dark you want to go, and they produce an even, natural glow. However, you can also apply the James Read mousse to your face, which helps create a seamless look from head-to-toe, and I feel like the colour lasts a little bit longer than St. Tropez.

I do have one warning note, however… The first few times I used the James Read mousse I managed to stain my bedding, which isn’t ideal. I spoke to the James Read PR about this, and she suggested I moisturise both my face and body as soon as I shower off the express tan treatment, to lock the colour in. This does indeed prevent staining, so be sure to follow her advice if you give this formula a go.

Top Fake Tans James Read Express Mousse

The Best Fake Tan for Face

Previous Favourite: James Read Gradual Tan Day Tan SPF 15 Face, £22

New Favourite: Elemis Total Glow Bronzing Moisturiser For Face, £30

Why I Love It: Last year I was using James Read’s gradual tan for the face, and complained about the unpleasant fragrance (which smells weirdly food-y). So, although the James Read formula gives nice results, I’ve now switched over to Elemis’ gradual tan moisturiser. The scent is more inviting, continued use results in a healthy, sun-kissed glow, and it sits well under makeup so can be applied daily.

The Best Gradual Tan for Body

New Favourite: Tan-Luxe Gradual Tan Lotion, £18

Why I Love It: If I’m going to tan from head-to-toe I’ll always opt for an express mousse. But I like to use gradual tans when I’m just applying colour to my arms and legs. I’ve tried countless formulas in the past, and Tan-Luxe’s Gradual Tan Lotion definitely stands out as a winner. You start to see a noticeable, flattering glow after your first use, and for once the formula actually smells nice (think raspberries and coconuts). I’m very keen to try out the rest of the Tan-Luxe range, and hope all of the products are as this good.

What your top fake tans for face and body? Share your favourites in the comments section below…

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