My Style: The ‘Wear Forever’ Pieces

Ella Gregory CocosTeaParty Tommy Hilfiger Shirt

How quick is the turnaround of clothing in your wardrobe? Do you hold onto pieces for years, or do work on a wear >repeat > eBay > buy something new cycle? Personally, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a wardrobe clear-out, and I’m constantly shipping bags off to the local charity shop, but I also love knowing those key hero pieces ready for moments of dressing panic.

My leather mini skirt is one such item. I bought it about three years ago, and it has saved the day on countless occasions. It looks just as good worn with opaque tights in the winter as it does in the summer, and it goes with practically every top you could ever image. So when I wasn’t quite sure how to style Tommy Hilfiger’s patchwork shirt it was the first piece I turned to.

Cocos Tea Party Espadrille Wedges Dune
Espadrille Wedges CocosTeaPArty
(Lounging in stranger’s doorways is one of my favourite pastimes)

Outfit Credits:
Shirt: Tommy Hilfiger c/o
Skirt: Warehouse (past season – similar here)
Shoes: Dune c/o
Bag: Quentin Jones for Hoss Intropia (past season)

CocosTeaParty Tommy Hilfiger Shirt
Espadrilles Espadrille Wedges CocosTeaParty
Ella Gregory CocosTeaParty Tommy Hilfiger Shirt 2

Something tells me these Dune espadrille wedges will also take a spot in the ‘wear forever’ hall of wardrobe fame. They’re the perfect summer shoes – so comfortable – and the elegant ribbon-tie ankle straps make me feel like a ballerina. I always have trouble knowing what to pair this amazing Hoss Intropia dress with, and now I have an answer.

What are your favourite ‘wear forever’ pieces? And are you a fan of this look? As always leave a comment and let me know…

Photos by Kylie Martin

  • this post couldn’t be timed more perfectly, i literally had the BIGGEST clearout over the weekend and i was so ashamed to see that some of my items still had the tags on (this was only three out of a very a large clearout…so a small percentage), most of it is going to charity but some i have put on ebay, i’m getting all protective over them now when i have potential buyers inquiring after shipping to such and such countries or asking about measurements and i think “ohhh i dont want someone to buy them” i think as i get older i want to stop being tempted by trends and instead spend more on classics. A leather skirt has been on my list forever, all saints has an amazing one which just went down in sale but it sold out very quickly xxxxxx

  • Ago Prime
  • Holly von Bock

    I’ve got those espadrille wedges & they literally go with everything! I will have them until I die! xxx

    • cocos_tea_party

      Do you have them in black or white?

      • Holly von Bock

        black 🙂 x

  • Reina

    I have a pair of black “vegan” leather shorts from Free People that are so comfortable and classy and I got them on sale which is the best part. My plain white tee, which I got for like, $5 from Eddie Bauer I’ve had for about 6 years. And cleaning out my closet this week has been my No. 1 priority but I’m so lazy… hopefully this post will have motivated me to do it tomorrow ! And I hold on to pieces for years… I keep allll of the clothes I buy, I’m just can’t bear to give them away, but then again, I haven’t really done a clothes clear out in a very long while. I probably have a lot of “wear forever pieces” and they’re probably all classic and stripped.

    • cocos_tea_party

      I sooooo need a pair of leather shorts!

  • Kathryn G

    I love blue colour the most

    looks so cute 🙂