How to Travel With Your BFF (and Not Fall Out in the Process)

Tips for Travelling With a Friend

Travel is one of the most rewarding experiences you can share with a BFF, but it puts even the closest of friendships to the test. So, to close out this special week of New York content, here are four important things to consider before you book a city break or beach vacation with your bestie…

First and foremost be careful about who you decide to travel with. If you’re going to be spending a number of days with a friend (and potentially even sharing a hotel room) it’s important to make sure your expectations for the trip match up. Opposites attract at home, but when you’re exploring a new city conflict can quickly arise if one of you wants to go out barhopping every evening and the other craves quiet dinners and early nights. So before you book your flights sit down with your BFF and check you’re both on the same page.

Even if you pick the perfect travel partner, it’s unlikely you’re going to want to do the same thing all of the time. So both put together a list of restaurants, shops, tourist attractions, museums and galleries you want to visit, and then build a balanced itinerary for each day of your trip. By putting a plan together in advance you can make sure no one’s needs are overlooked, and it will save you from trying to cram too much into one day or bickering with each other once you arrive.

Before you reach your destination divvy up responsibilities so you’re both contributing to the trip’s organisation. I’m terrible at navigation, so in New York my travel buddy Daniella mapped out all of our subway journeys and took charge of Google Maps, whilst I handled our flight and hotel bookings and put our daily itineraries together.

Living out of each other’s pockets can be stressful at times, so be sure to schedule in some “me time”. It can be a challenge if you’re sharing a room, but it’s not impossible. While we were bunking together at Pod 39 Daniella and I found the perfect formula: she would FaceTime her boyfriend from her bunk, and I’d put headphones in and catch up on emails from mine.

What are your top tips for travelling with a friend? Leave your suggestions in the comments section below…

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Photo by Claire Menary


  1. jokevalerie says:

    I love, love, loved this blog post! It makes me want to plan a nice little getaway with my best friend now 🙂 x


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