The Weekend Reading List

The Weekend Reading List

Tell me, were you transfixed by the semi-secret Kylie Jenner pregnancy? I didn’t care at all and was rather cynical about the entertainment industry’s worst-kept-secret, if I’m honest. But when the youngest Kardashian/Jenner announced the news of her daughter’s birth on Super Bowl Sunday, with an 11-minute long YouTube video, I found myself getting surprisingly emotional. (Yes, I even teared up a little bit towards the end.)

So props to Kylie, who played me like a true media megastar. Kris Jenner must be so proud! Find more thoughts on Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy below, along with the rest of the week’s top lifestyle stories…

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  1. Mariya says:

    Omg, we all knew Kylie was pregnant… Come one – that puff face?! She kept it a secret due to privacy, etc, but now there’s a whole video and a post of the baby? Come one, Kylie…


  2. cocos_tea_party says:

    Thanks Carolyn!

  3. cocos_tea_party says:

    I didn’t want to be a sucker for it, but the editing really gets me haha xx


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