The Weekend Reading List

The Weekend Reading List

If there’s one thing in life that I have a real weakness for it’s stories of love and romance. I always enjoy hearing about how my friends met their significant others, and I could watch the classic ’90s and ’00s rom-coms on repeat for all of eternity.

So, it comes as no surprise that my favourite internet find this week was A Cup of Jo’s post on dating. They shared 14 of the best reader comments they’ve ever received about dating. And it’s such a great read! Here is my favourite comment, which came from a reader called Amy:

“For me, this ‘lightbulb feeling’ everyone talks about just comes and goes. Some days, I feel that my boyfriend is the absolute one and I cannot possibly live without him. And other times, I’m just not sure. I feel there’s unnecessary pressure on couples to feel/find/determine this one moment of certainty that will define their relationship forever. That’s unrealistic. People are so much deeper than that.”

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