Seeing The Nutcracker at The Royal Opera House With Birchbox

The Royal Opera House

How amazing is that view? It’s what the dancers in the The Royal Ballet company look out to when performing at The Royal Opera House (although, obviously, they have an audience). Earlier in the week I went to see The Nutcracker with Birchbox, and before the show we were treated to a behind-the-scenes tour. Getting to stand on the stage, whilst the crew prepared the set, was a pretty special experience. Imagine getting up there every night and performing in front of 2,000+ people.

Our brilliant tour guide gave us plenty of time to “oooh” and “aaah” over the set, before we headed backstage to take a look at the costumes and dance studios. On the way there we walked past the nutcracker prop and the children from The Royal Ballet Lower School, who play mice, toy soldiers and – as one little ballerina very sweetly told us – “party girls”.

The ballet itself was really beautiful and left everyone feeling festive. It’s so magical when the Stahlbaums’ Christmas tree doubles in size! I wish I could have captured that on camera to share with you, but obviously photography and filming are banned during performances. However, if you missed out on tickets this year, The Nutcracker is going into cinemas in 29 different countries. Most of the screenings happened yesterday, but some cinemas will be repeating the live recording throughout December, so check the ROH website  for more details.

The Nutcracker Royal Opera House

And here’s a random little fact for you… All areas of The Royal Opera House where ballet dancers work (the stage, studios etc) are constantly kept warm because their contracts stipulate what temperatures they’ll perform in. As I’m always cold this seems like a brilliant idea to me! Do you think I can get away with it too? Or are temperature demands only acceptable when coming from ballerinas and Jennifer Lopez?

Royal Opera House Ballet

Also, I’ve made a little video to show you what’s inside the December 2013 UK Birchbox. In hindsight I really should have made an effort not to look so scruffy before filming this, but you live and learn…

To get £5 off a Birchbox gift subscription quote the code BBXoffergift at the Birchbox checkout. Valid for a limited time only. Are you going to see The Nutcracker this Christmas? And do you like the look of the December Birchbox?

P.S if you’re into ballet make sure you watch AOL’s fabulous documentary series, City Ballet.

  • alice

    I see the Nutcracker almost every year at the Royal Opera House! It is what makes Christmas for me. Have been going since I was about two, no word of a lie. So beautiful, so jealous you got to see the Nutcracker doll close up! Really glad you posted about it though to make others aware of this magical ballet!