When Did All ‘The Hills’ Girls Become Bloggers?

The Hills Where Are They Now?

I think it’s funny that we now live in a world where bloggers want to be famous and actual celebrities want to be bloggers. Just look at the amount of actresses with lifestyle websites: Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, Reese Witherspoon, Meghan Markle… And that’s just scratching the surface. It’s like you can’t go online these days without a Hollywood ‘It’ girl sharing her favourite kale smoothie recipe!

Almost all of The Hills cast have online editorial platforms too, which actually makes a lot of sense, because the girl that grew up watching Audrina sob over Justin Bobby is also the girl who style-stalks Sincerely Jules on Instagram and reads Cupcakes and Cashmere every morning.

If you quickly lost track of what The Hills cast are up to, here’s a brief introduction to five of the girl’s blogs, Apps and YouTube channels…

Lauren Conrad Instagram

Lauren Conrad:

I’ve long had this theory that Lauren Conrad is to women in their twenties what Jennifer Aniston is to women in their thirties. In other words, we’ll always be interested to know what’s she’s up to and how great her hair looks, because she’s that familiar, friendly face we watched throughout our college years. (And, instead of Brad Pitt, her “one that got away” will always be Steven from Laguna Beach).

Lauren Conrad GIF The Hills

Since exiting The Hills in season five Lauren has built up an impressive web presence. LaurenConrad.com is hugely popular for its How To posts and unabashedly-feminine style. Then there’s LC’s Paper Crown clothing line, and her e-tail business The Little Market which develops “sustainable partnerships with artisans around the world”. And, to top it all off, she has 4.3million followers on Instagram (@laurenconrad). Not too bad for “the girl who didn’t go to Paris.”

Lo Bosworth Instagram

Lo Bosworth:

Lo Bosworth was always my favourite Laguna/Hills cast member (even though she mean-girled Audrina in season four), so I was really excited when she launched her YouTube channel two years ago. She uploads all the usual videos – what’s in my bag, get ready with me etc etc – and also documented her journey through culinary school. Now a professional chef, she lives in New York and publishes lifestyle content on her website, The LoDown. You can also find Lo on Instagram (@lobosworth).

Whitney Port Instagram

Whitney Port:

Who wouldn’t want Whitney Port as their best friend? She was always there to analyse the previous night’s boy drama, and could speak a thousand words with a single expression [see below]. Whitney has kept a fairly low profile since The City wrapped in 2010 (especially when compared to Olivia Palermo). But it’s easy to keep up with her online.

Whitney Port GIF The Hills

Whitney has almost a million followers on Instagram (@whitneyeveport), blogs daily on WhitneyPort.com, and now designs a clothing collection for QVC, as well as her Whitney Eve line. She’s currently planning her wedding, and has been documenting the process on her blog, which is required reading for hardcore Hills fans!

Emily Weiss Instagram

Emily Weiss:

“Super Intern” Emily flew in from Teen Vogue’s New York offices in season two, and immediately unsettled Lauren by displaying an encyclopedic knowledge of flowers. For some reason this made her Ultimate Enemy #3 (after Spencer and Heidi, of course), but she’s now far more famous for founding everyone’s favourite beauty website, Into The Gloss. Interestingly, however, none of The Hills girls have appeared in The Top Shelf feature. So perhaps that disastrous visit to the florist really did kill any chance of friendship between Emily and LC… [Instagram @emilywweiss]

Kristin Cavallari Instagram

Kristin Cavallari:

Lauren and Lo’s Laguna Beach co-star was “dramaaa, drama, drama, dramaaa” from the get go. And Kristin carried the show after LC’s exit in the fifth season (without her it wouldn’t have been watchable). However, since The Hill‘s wrapped she’s been surprisingly drama-free, marrying Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and setting up home with their children in Nashville and Chicago.

Kristin The Hills Drama Drama Drama

Instead of blogging Kristin shares “tips, tricks and insight on health, wellness, fashion, beauty and becoming a new parent” on her official mobile App. She’s also fairly active on Instagram (@kristincavallari), designs footwear for Chinese Laundry, and has a lifestyle book coming out in 2016.

Do you follow all of The Hills girls on their online platforms? Who is your favourite?

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