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How do you currently feel when you open your wardrobe? Inspired? Joyful? Or a little bit lacklustre? In the tail end of winter I often struggle to muster much enthusiasm for fashion. It’s cold and grizzly outside, so I repeatedly wear jeans, dark knits and a black parka.

However, my friends at Tu Clothing recently reached out with their pre-spring 2018 offering, and the collection has quickly reignited my passion for getting dressed. There are cheerful knits in bold colours, dresses with sleeves (a rarity – why is it always so hard to find long sleeves in winter?), and cosy loungewear with luxe detailing.

Here I share some of my favourite pieces from the new collection – along with my tips for styling them. If you feel like you’re wardrobe could use a little boost as you step into 2018, you’ve come to the right place…


Coco's Tea Party Home Style
Tu Clothing Slippers
Tu Clothing Coco's Tea Party Ella Gregory

I’m Wearing: Knit cardigan | Cotton leggings | Vest top | Pom pom slippers | All by Tu

Okay, let’s get the really important information out of the way first… This cardigan is super-soft. So soft, in fact, that it feels like kittens and baby rabbits. When I wear it I actually stoke my own arms for pleasure (yes, I’m a freak).

The knit is perfect for pottering about at home. But it also looks great paired with a white tee, light-wash boyfriend jeans and suede ankle boots. It creates a very off-duty, LA look!

And, if you’re trying to cut back on spending right now but fancy treating yourself to a little something, these pom pom slippers are gorgeous and only £10. How can you resist?


Tu Clothing Knitwear Coco's Tea Party
Tu Clothing Pre Spring 2018

I’m Wearing: Tasselled knit | Leopard print skirt | Premium leather boots | All by Tu

If you haven’t shopped at Tu before you may be a little concerned about quality, as with any brand you have not worn before. I certainly was ahead of being properly introduced to the collections. And that’s mostly because I try to stay mindful about all of my purchases and steer clear of fast fashion.

However, I can hand-on-heart say I’ve been so impressed by Tu’s knitwear. I’ve continued to wear two knits from the AW16 collection, and they still look great – despite many, many machine washes.

The trick is to only buy pieces you really love and will want to keep for years to come. So, if you’re tempted to make your first Tu purchase try one of their knits and you’re sure to be impressed!


Tu Clothing 2018 Coco's Tea Party

Check Dress Tu Clothing
Check Dress Tu Clothing 2018

Coco's Tea Party Tu Ella Gregory

I’m Wearing: Check dress | Heeled boots | All by Tu

Confession: I sometimes RSVP no to events taking place between October and March simply because I hate dressing for winter evenings. That sounds terrible, right? But I honestly find it so hard to look chic and dressy but also stay warm.

So, for that reason, I’m very excited about this midi dress! The check print and ruffle details make a great statement, and – as it’s sheer – you can even layer black thermals underneath.

Plus, on the Tu website they’ve styled the dress for daytime by layering it over a vest top and black, skinny jeans. I’ll definitely be trying that next, as it’s something I wouldn’t usually think to do!

Have any of these Tu Clothing pieces caught your eye? And which outfit is your favourite? Leave a comment below to have your say…

~ This post is sponsored by Tu Clothing. Thank you for continuing to support the collaborators that make Coco’s Tea Party possible. ~

Photos by Victoria Metaxas


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