The 7 Products & Treatments That Are Getting Me Excited About Beauty Again

Spring Beauty Launches 2018

I haven’t been feeling particularly excited about beauty, over recent months. I keep sitting down and thinking to myself, “I must write a beauty post soon, it’s been ages.” But then I realise I have absolutely nothing to say.

There are a few motivating factors behind this sudden lack of enthusiasm. First of all, I moved at the beginning of the year, and I still don’t have anywhere to store my vast collection makeup, skincare and haircare. At the moment it’s sitting in bags and boxes at the end of my bed. And the idea of rummaging through everything to find my favourite eyeliner or lipstick is too depressing, so I’ve been wearing the same products on repeat for over a month.

My hormones have also been a little out of whack recently, because I made some changes to my birth control. And, as a result, my skin has been freaking out. So I haven’t felt like putting a vast array of products on my face, for fear of upsetting my skin even more.

Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation

However, over the last two weeks I’ve slowly started to take pleasure in skincare and makeup again. And the spring beauty launches that had piled up on my office floor suddenly started to look mighty tempting!

I’ve been having fun playing around with many of the spring beauty launches for 2018, and these are my favourite products (and treatments) so far…

The Best Spring 2018 Beauty Launches & Treatments

Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat Neutralizer Colour Corrector in Apricot – I’ve struggled with dark under-eye circles for as long as I can remember, but they’ve been particularly bad lately. So it was about time I shook up my concealing routine a little!

The new YSL Touche Éclat Colour Correcting pens come in three shades – violet for dull or sallow skin, green for redness and blemishes and apricot for dark spots.

If you’ve tried using the classic Touche Éclat pen to cover dark under-eye circles before and had no luck it’s because you really need to neutralize any shadowing first. And peach/apricot hues balance out blue/brown tones.

I’ve been using YSL’s new apricot colour corrector under my eyes (applying with a beautyblender), before following with Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer. They make a powerful duo, and when worn together my dark circles are barely visible.

Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm in Pink Glow – Illuminating products aren’t usually a part of my daily beauty routine. However, after weeks of cold weather and aggressive central heating, my skin has been looking a little lacklustre. So I thought there was no harm in trying Bobbi Brown’s new Pink Glow balm. After all, it promises a 38% improvement in skin radiance!

You can mix the formula with your foundation or apply directly to the skin as a moisturiser. I personally don’t find it hydrating enough to wear alone, so I’ve been applying it after moisturising and before foundation – almost like a primer. And it really does instantly transform my skin. I look 10x healthier when wearing this product. I now can’t wait to tray Bare Glow and Golden Glow too…

Bobbi Brown Skin Long-Wear Weightless Foundation – It’s been a busy few weeks for Bobbi Brown! And another one of their new launches has made it onto my lust list. The new full coverage foundation is oil-free, so it prevents shine building up throughout the day. That often means you get stuck with a cake-y, overly-matte finish. However, this magic formula manages to cut out shine and still provide a natural, dewey glow. I absolutely love it, and have been wearing the shade “Warm Ivory”.

Spring Beauty Launches 2018

100% Natural Moisturisers – Over the last few weeks I’ve been experimenting with 100% natural moisturisers, and have been pleasantly surprised by how effective they are. (For some reason I always thought 100% natural formulas would be a gigantic let down). During the day I’m wearing Tropic’s Skin Revive Nourishing Cream Concentrate, which contains hyaluronic acid and raspberry seed oil. It’s nice and hydrating, sinks into the skin quickly and acts as a great base for makeup. And at night I’ve been applying Romilly Wilde’s Night Duty Face Cream, which enhances collagen production and smells divine! The latter is £125 a jar though – so definitely not something you can treat yourself to on impulse.

Nars Highlighting Blush in ‘Free Soul’ – I’m a bronzer girl at heart, but when I do wear blush it has to be by Nars. Their creamy powders always sit on the skin beautifully! ‘Orgasm’ and ‘Sin’ are my two go-to’s, but I now have a new favourite to add to the club. And it’s perfect for spring!

‘Free Soul’ is warm, pretty pink with a luminous shimmer. I’ve been wearing it with feminine makeup looks – think neutral, cream eyeshadows, liquid eyeliner and rose pink lipstick. It definitely adds a pretty ‘pop’ to your look!

ELEMIS Skin Exchange Facial – Last week I was lucky enough to experience an indulgent ELEMIS Skin Exchange Facial at John Lewis on Oxford Street. The treatment is designed to be quick, affordable and customisable. Step one (£10) involves the complete ELEMIS facial base: cleanse, exfoliate, treat and hydrate. Step two (£10) allows you to select a bespoke skin solution tailored to your specific concerns – whether that’s smoothing fine lines, reviving tired eyes, renewing dull skin or sculpting the jawline. And you can then supercharge your facial with a BIOTEC advanced technology technology treatment (£10 each). The options include of oxygen infusion, an ultrasonic peel or LED light therapy.

I was in the treatment chair for half an hour and left feeling like a new woman. Honestly, my skin felt so soft and fresh afterwards, that it gave me an instant lift. It was definitely what I needed after an exhausting start to the year, and I can’t wait to book in another Skin Exchange Facial! (It’s a great Mother’s Day treat, FYI).

Which spring 2018 beauty launches are you most excited to try? And have you discovered any new products lately that you want to rave about? Have your say in the comments section below…


  1. I feel like I could soo do with a little treatment right now 🙂

    • cocos_tea_party says:

      Winter is so harsh on our bodies, isn’t it? At this time of year I always feel like I need an entire week at a spa haha x

  2. Martha says:

    Thanks for the tips, have been on the hunt for a great concealer for a while now so this really helps.
    For all the ladies struggling with hormonal imbalances I can only recommend the herb agnus castus. It really helps your skin to get back on track and is great for everything else concerning the female cycle. After coming of the pill for the second time (first time was so terrible that I decided to take it/the pill again) it helped me immediately and had no side effects. You can buy it in a pharmacy for 8-20 Euros (this is for Germany).
    Beauty from the inside and the outside, so to speak. Xx Martha


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