7 Small Ways to Treat Yourself Whilst Living on a Budget

Small Ways to Treat Yourself

November, along with January, is when everyone usually cuts back on spending and attempts to stick to a budget. But they’re probably the two months of the year when you could really benefit from a few treats, because it’s so cold outside and everyone’s feeling under the weather.

I truly believe that small luxuries that can bring just as much pleasure as big spends. So, largely inspired by Parks and Recreation‘s Tom and Donna, here are seven small ways to “treat yo self” whilst saving for Christmas….

1. Purchase a magazine you don’t usually read. If you’re loyal to a certain magazine, step out of your comfort zone and buy a different title when you next visit the newsstand. Taking the time to carefully peruse the selection and pick out something new weirdly feels like a lot of fun.

2. Take yourself out for coffee and croissants. Almost every week I’ll treat myself to a croissant for breakfast on a Sunday. It’s something I always look forward to, and is a little luxury that feels like a reward for getting through the week.

3. Buy a bunch of seasonal flowers. Add some colour to your home with a beautiful bunch of flowers in warm, autumnal hues. Look out for sunflowers, snap dragon, gerbera and camellia flowers, which are all in season.

4. Download an audio book for your morning commute. Traveling on packed commuter trains is no fun at the best of times, but it becomes even more unberable during autumn/winter when everyone’s coughing and sneezing. So give yourself something to look forward to each morning by working your way through an audiobook. I recommend anything by David Sedaris.

5. Schedule some “me time”. Whether that’s making a date with yourself to visit a museum or gallery, taking a long bath in the evening, or just camping out on the sofa with a boxset and a giant cup of tea.

6. Sign up to a subscription box service. For less than £15 a month you can receive a monthly care package that sparks a serious amount of joy. My Little Box is one of my favourite subscription services, because their boxes provide a generous mix of beauty and lifestyle treats. And throughout November My Little Box will kindly be giving Coco’s Tea Party readers £3.95 off their first box with the promo code MYLITTLECOCO.

7. Add a bar of your favourite chocolate to your weekly shop. I’m addicted to Lindt’s dark chocolate with a touch of sea salt. It never fails to cheer me up after a bad day, and at £1.99 it’s much cheaper than retail therapy!

How do you like to treat yourself when living on a budget? Leave a comment below to share your favourite little luxuries… 

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  • I love My Little Box. My bf has been getting it for me every month for… almost a year now? It just makes me smile, whatever it brings inside 🙂

    • cocos_tea_party

      What a lovely bf! And it is always so lovely to open, isn’t it?

  • These are all such good ideas! I know just which Lindt chocolate bar you mean, and it’s my emergency treat after a bad day too! `I bought myself a single rose that’s a gorgeous red/orange colour to put in a tiny vase in my office the other day, and it’s amazing how such a tiny thing gives me so much joy! xxx

    • cocos_tea_party

      Haha! Isn’t it just so delicious? I want to try their other flavours, because I’ve noticed they have mint and orange too, but the sea salt is just too good so I never stray from it!