3 Simple & Healthy Lunches I Make When Working From Home

Simple and Healthy Lunch Ideas

As a full-time blogger I work from home at least three days a week. And when I first made the transition from fashion intern to full-time blogger the thing I missed most were my daily Pret lunches. I used to love their tuna, mayonnaise and cucumber baguettes (which, admittedly, are basically 80% mayo; so it’s probably best that I’ve dropped that habit). And since I started working from home five-and-half years ago I’ve had to make approximately 1,825 lunches (!!!). That’s a lot of cooking.

I know many of you also work from home – or try to take nutritious packed lunches to work – so I thought I would share three simple and healthy lunch ideas with you. These are my go-to recipes, and all require minimal time and skill. Two of them can also be prepared the night before for lunch boxes, so they’re great if you work from an office too. Take a look…

Quick Healthy Lunches Tuna Pasta

Tuna pasta salad

This is my go-to lunch, and make it at least once a week. I boil 75g of gluten-free* dried pasta, and halfway through cooking also add a handful of frozen soya beans to the water. Once cooked I then mix in half a tin of tuna, some salad leaves, sliced cherry tomatoes and a generous dollop of olive oil. It’s so fresh and filling! And if you don’t like fish you could easily swap tuna for pesto and sliced chicken. That also tastes delicious.

Ingredients needed:

– 75g of dried pasta
– tinned tuna (tinned salmon and sardines also work a treat)
– frozen soya beans
– salad leaves
– cherry tomatoes
– olive oil

Simple and Healthy Lunch Ideas

Eggs on toast with spinach

If I’ve done a morning gym session I love to make a quick brunch when I get home, and eggs on toast with boiled spinach is my current favourite. (Avocado toast is sooo 2016 😂). Poached eggs are completely beyond my capability, so I usually opt for fried or hard boiled instead. The entire dish takes less than 10 minutes to cook, and it’s super-filling, so I rarely feel the need to snack mid-afternoon.

Ingredients needed:

– bread to toast
– 1 or 2 eggs
– a handful of fresh spinach

Simple and Healthy Lunches

Microwave rice with roasted vegetables

I’m quite ashamed to suggest microwave rice, because I think freshly cooked rice tastes so much nicer. But it’s a quick and convenient option that makes sense for lunchtime. And once you dress it up with delicious ingredients you can hardly tell the difference anyway.

Usually I whip up a rice salad with whatever is sitting in the fridge. But my favourite combination is pre-roasted vegetables (always saved from dinner the night before), sweetcorn, sliced cherry tomatoes, salad leaves, a grated carrot and cashew nuts. I mix it together with a drop of olive oil and a pinch of sea salt and it tastes delicious.

Ingredients needed:

– 1x packet of microwave rice
– pre-roasted vegetables (sweet potato, carrots, squash, red onion etc)
– tinned sweetcorn
– cherry tomatoes
– salad leaves
– 1x small carrot, grated
– cashew nuts

What’s your go-to lunch when working from home? Will you be putting any of these to the test? And feel free to share your simple and healthy lunch ideas in the comments section below – I’m always looking to mix things up…

* I developed a gluten-sensitivity two years ago, so stick to gluten-free pasta and bread etc.

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