Where Do You Wear Your Parting?

Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen Hair Centre Parting

I’ve been suffering from writer’s block for the last couple of days and, according to Google, the solution is to “write about what you know”. Well, here’s what I know… I recently moved my hair parting from the centre to the side and the effects have been pretty surprising. (I said I’d write what I knew. I didn’t promise it would be exciting.)

Not surprising in the sense that everyone is suddenly like, “Oh wow, I didn’t recognise you. You look so different.” But I feel rejuvenated – like I’ve just had a haircut or a really great night’s sleep. So I definitely recommended restyling your own parting if you feel like you need a new-season boost. Not only is it the simplest makeover trick of all, but it’s also completely free!

Emma Stone Hair Side Part

According to Vogue, centre partings are “well and truly back on the beauty agenda” for Spring/Summer 2014 (trust me to bow out of the look just as it’s heating up), so if you’ve been working a glamorous side-sweep up until now it really is the perfect time to try something new.

Through extensive research (aka looking at a bunch of red carpet photos), it’s become clear that those who wear their hair in a centre parting tend to favour minimalist and fashion-forward styles, whilst those with side partings lean towards more glamorous, feminine designs. Kim Kardashian is perfect example of this – pre-Kanye she rocked a side parting, but now she’s wearing her hair in the centre…

Centre Parting Pin-Ups:
Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Gwyneth Paltrow
Vanessa Paradis
Sienna Miller
Kim Kardashian (the Kimye era)

Side Parting Stylistas:
Emma Stone
Eva Mendes
Lauren Conrad
Jessica Alba
Kim Kardashian (pre-Kanye)

So, I’ll ask this hard-hitting question again: where do you wear your hair parting?

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  • tollydollyposh

    I’m a down the middle gal! I literally have to have it perfectly straight otherwise it looks really odd haha!

  • i’m definitely a centre parting kind of girl, but every now and again my parting does move to the side. and i have to say that those definitions are pretty spot on too
    great post btw!

  • Estranged

    Side parting for as long as I can remember. Not sure why, but my face looks rounder with a centre parting. Also, after so many years I’d really struggle to get my hair to behave – it naturally parts to the side.

    • cocos_tea_party

      Mine is the same. When I moved it from the centre to the side it kept trying to go back. It took about a week to give in and just stay where I put it!

  • Kiri Cragin Folwell

    I am a side parter and my hair loves it. Won’t go any other way nowadays! Great post x

  • Fashion Follows Her

    If it’s good enough for Eva Mendes (clearly the most beautiful woman alive), it’s good enough for me- side parting all the way! http://fashionfollowsher.com/

    • cocos_tea_party

      Haha! She is beautiful. Beyonce tends to favour a side parting too. And I think she’s up there with the most beautiful in the world.

  • Mar

    I wear it both on the side and centre, depending on the day. I usually tend to favour the side part as I think looks better in me.

  • i don’t have the face shape for a middle parting but it definitely really suits ya xx

  • Abby

    Gonna be changing mine up when I get the “Robin” cut (3 weeks and counting!), and it’ll be the change from centre to side parting that’ll throw me more than chopping most of my hair off.