I Think You’ll Like… Sanctuary Spa’s Youth Revolution Glycolic Peel-Off Mask and Serum

Sanctuary 30 Day Youth Revolution Glycolic Peel-Off MaskThree weeks ago I tried an at-home face peel for the first time, as I had a couple of photoshoots coming up and the harsh winter weather had left my skin looking dull and dry. I used Sanctuary Spa’s 30 Day Youth Revolution Glycolic Peel-Off Mask and Serum System (longest product name, like, ever) and was so impressed with the results I’ve started using the mask on a weekly basis.

The peel contains Glycolic acid, which apparently stimulates cell renewal and helps to reveal younger, radiant looking skin. I can’t vouch for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles (I’m still in my early twenties and have nothing to reduce*) but I can recommend this product on the feel-good factor alone. I look forward to my weekly applications as it leaves my skin feeling revived and gives a fresh, healthy glow.

Best of all, though, is the actual peeling off process. It’s strangely fulfilling and it reminds me of the scene in Three Men and a Little Lady, when Ted Danson pulls off his wedding disguise. Once the peel is removed you then apply a pea-sized amount of the accompanying anti wrinkle serum, which you can also use on a daily basis for more intense results.

Find Sanctuary Spa’s 30 Day Youth Revolution, £22.50, at Boots

*however the customer reviews online at Boots and Sanctuary Spa are all very positive
  • I’ve always wanted to try an acid peel but been a bit scared- this sounds good though.

  • I’ve been using Sanctuary Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil for ages. It’s a lovely nighttime moisturiser and seems to last ages and I love how affordable their products are.

  • yasmine choudhry

    I have got a sample of this not used it yet though
    Disneyrollergirl i have a sanctuary facial oil if your interested yasminec9@aol.com