My Style: The Handbag I’d Happily Live In

Ella Gregory Cocos Tea Party HM Shorts

As an Aries I don’t enjoy being told what to do (we are the ‘leaders’ of the zodiac, after all). So when multiple physiotherapists told me to stop carrying heavy handbags or risk making my back pain worse I didn’t really listen. And – surprise, surprise – my aching shoulders continued to cause problems.

Eventually I gave in, and you’ll notice I’ve been carrying petite cross-body bags and leather pouches in most outfit posts this year. But every now and then I’ll break the rules for something really special. And Russell & Bromley’s smart gilt-edged tote is the very definition of special. It’s so damn chic I’d actually move into it if there was enough room!

Cocos Tea Party Russell and Bromley Bag
Coach Shoes Russell and Bromley Bag
Olympus Pen EP5

Outfit Credits:
Top: Maje c/o (sold out – similar here and here)
Shorts: H&M
Bag: Russell & Bromley
Shoes: Coach c/o (sold out online – similar here)
Necklace: Monica Vinader
Camera: Olympus Pen EP-5 c/o

Similar Styles:

I followed the tote’s pale pink and burgundy colour palette when putting this outfit together, and tucked Maje’s David Bowie tee into a pair of H&M shorts. On the hanger the floral culottes looked exactly like a mini skirt, so I got quite a surprise when I took them into the fitting room. But they work better as shorts, as you don’t have to worry about accidentally flashing your knickers.

Ella Gregory Cocos Tea Party Maje
Ella Gregory Cocos Tea Party Floral Shorts

And the eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted the chic little Olympus Pen that’s slipped into this post. I’ve been using the EP-5 for a few weeks and absolutely love it. It syncs up to your smartphone’s wifi so you can Instagram photos from your camera on the go, which is really useful. Plus it fits into most of my smaller handbags, so .

Do you rate this look? How would you style H&M’s floral shorts? As always, leave a comment and let me know…

Photos by Kylie Martin

Coco’s Tea Party is a UK ambassador for Olympus

  • Alyson

    I love it, but it looks exactly like the Fendi 2Jours. A great way less expensive option that’s still made of quality leather.

    • cocos_tea_party

      Yes, it is very Fendi, isn’t it?

  • TartanBoots

    Love the whole outfit its really girly without being too pink perfect balance.

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  • Thistle

    That bag is… oh my goodness. I’m looking at the other color options right now and I might just be in trouble! Supremely chic- I love the opposite metallics.

  • First Go Team Aries!!!!! second im in love with those shorts!!!

  • I used to work at Russell and Bromley and they always had such lovely bags!

    Loving silver shoes at the moment too!


  • i really wanna check out the olympus pen!!

    i am now officially worried about my posture. i stand slightly lopsided as i put literally everything in my bag and have it slung on my right shoulder always. i’m gonna get a backpack or just try and carry less

    p.s. love love love those shoes xxx

    • cocos_tea_party

      One physio I saw told me to just switch which shoulder I carry my handbag on for a week, and although it felt strange at first it did actually help.

      • I did try this too but it felt too weird, my patience lasted like a minute and i switched back. i’m gonna try for a little longer this time x

  • Patrícia M.

    I’m just super in love about your bag and shoes, both so gorgeous!