Rosamund Pike Designs a Handbag Collection for L.K.Bennett

Rosamund Pike L.K Bennett Handbag

Celebrity endorsements and brand-partnerships have changed a lot over the last few years. It’s now no longer enough for a star to merely appear in an ad or say they like a certain product – they have to bring some of their personality to the collaboration for it to be taken seriously. Beyoncé is a perfect example: she’s not just the face of Pepsi but their current “creative director” as well. This mentality has worked its way into the fashion industry, and we’re seeing some really cool partnerships forming.

British actress Rosamund Pike is the current face of L.K.Bennett, and for Autumn/Winter 2013 she’s designed a capsule collection of handbags for the brand. I know what you’re thinking, not another celebrity-turned-designer, but this isn’t the case here. Rosamund isn’t giving up on the day job, and the bags she created with the L.K.Bennett design team are truly gorgeous. Inspired by classic British films – particularly Darling staring Julie Christie – Rosamund created one signature shape, a sixties-inspired leather bowler bag. The design comes in three sizes and six colour choices: white, navy, green, orange, black and chocolate/black. It also has a handy cross-body strap which you can attach when needed.

Rosamund Pike L.K.Bennett

At the collection launch, which took place in London last month, Rosamund spoke passionately about the handbag, pointing out all the little details that reflect her personality. The bag’s zip is shaped like a safety pin – an idea taken from the safety pin earring she wears everyday – and each style has two tiny stitches of neon pink thread on the front pocket. She explained it was her way of bringing some controlled chaos to the classic design.

The Rosaumnd Pike L.K.Bennett handbag collection arrives online and in stores on July 17th, with prices ranging from £350 – £495. To join the waiting list head to Do you like the Rosamund Pike L.K.Bennett handbag?

  • GG, London

    I’m really disappointed with how this blog has become a parade of promotional items you have been given, there is nothing new or interesting here anymore.

    As a loyal reader for many years I an signing off from your bragathon blog and going to read some of the many wonderful bloggers who are honest, modest and can string along a sentence which doesn’t detail something else you got to do/eat/see/be gifted. Ciao.

  • Caity @ Moi Contre La Vie

    Loving this campaign!

  • Abigail Smith

    I love it! Always been a bit “meh” re Rosamund Pike (perhaps a little harshly), but she has always been tres stylish & very English. Have been looking for an investment piece to celebrate/ commiserate. (?!) turning 30- I think I have just found it! Now all I have to do is procure one…

  • Paddle105

    I love the styles of these bags. The one draw back for me is that some of them are a bit on the big side. I like something that is small enough to make me be more picky i what I put in. Apart from the size they are great. Lee