4 Real Life Meet-Cute Stories That Will Restore Your Faith in Romance

Real Life Meet Cute Stories

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a sucker for romantic comedies. Especially those that feature an adorable meet-cute (the scene in which a couple meet for the first time). In fact, I’m so determined to be the leading-lady in my own rom-com that I once dated a guy who wasn’t my type at all purely because our meet-cute could have been written by Nora Ephron…

I was leaving the scene of a deeply disappointing Tinder date when I suddenly heard a man calling out “excuse me”. My first instinct was to ignore him – it was dark, I was walking alone and therefore assumed he must be either a rapist or murderer. But he persisted, and eventually I turned around. He wanted to know if the guy I’d just hugged goodbye was my boyfriend, and confessed he’d been watching me from across the room all night. I explained that, no, he was just some random dude from Tinder. And then meet-cute guy asked if he could take me on a date the following week.

Impressed by the serendipitous nature of our meeting I said yes, but our first date never turned into a second. However, for these 4 couples unique and romantic meet-cutes lead to long-lasting love. And to celebrate Valentine’s Day I asked if they would share their stories on CTP. Because it’s nice to know that romance still exists in the age of Netflix and chill…

“After watching me tear up the dance floor he took a liking to me and asked for my number.”

Lulu Frost Lisa Salzer Wedding

Marlon and I met when I first moved into my New York office. Before we filled the space with furniture I decided to throw a massive keg party with a reggae band, and Marlon came along with some friends. I was immediately struck by how handsome he is! After watching me tear up the dance floor all night, Marlon took a liking to me and asked for my number. We met for lunch at Shake Shack two days later, but at the time I wasn’t sure if it was just a business meeting. I left work for an hour, and then went back to the office afterwards, so it didn’t feel like a date. However, we kept in touch and our relationship developed slowly over the following months. And, to celebrate our love coming full circle, we booked the same reggae band to perform at our wedding.” Lulu Frost jewellery designer, Lisa Salzer

“He’s since told me that he knew I was the one straight away – he even said to his friend, ‘that’s the girl I’m going to marry.'”

Anneli Bush Husband Meet Cute

“It’s funny, because the night I met my husband didn’t seem very romantic at the time: we were introduced by mutual friends on a night out. But, looking back, it turns out it was actually very romantic. Sam has since told me that he knew I was the one straight away – he even said to his friend, “that’s the girl I’m going to marry.” I was spending two-months in London when we met, but lived and studied in Barcelona so I was quite cold at first and pushed him away. I wasn’t interested in a relationship; I was recently-single, and just wanted to be alone. But he was so persistent. Eventually we fell in love, and dated long-distance for the first year. And then, four years after meeting, he whisked me away to New York for my birthday and asked me to marry him.”  Anneli Bush, Blogger at annelibush.com

“We immediately hit it off, bonding over our mutual desire to visit Tokyo – we even agreed to take a trip there together one day.”

Natalie Hughes Meet Cute Story

“I met my boyfriend, Chris, at a friend’s wedding. A lot of people assume that’s a cover-up for Tinder, but amazingly it’s the truth! The bride, Alice, had mentioned a friend she thought I’d like and offered to introduce us at the wedding. And when it came to finding my place at the wedding breakfast, I realised I was sitting directly opposite from Chris. We immediately hit it off, bonding over girl bands, Taylor Swift and our mutual desire to visit Tokyo – we even agreed to take a trip there together one day. Our first date took place three days later – lunch in Notting Hill – and we’ve barely spent a day apart since. Nine months later, we’ve got a house together and followed through on those Japan plans: Tokyo is booked for April!” Natalie Hughes, Freelance Editor and Social Media Strategist

“We became very good friends in a new environment that neither of us was used to. But Federico had other ideas from the beginning…”

Hikaru Kobayashi Federico Bonelli Royal Ballet

“Federico and I met at Zurich Ballet, where we both started our careers as professional ballet dancers. Naturally we became very good friends in a new environment that neither of us was used to. But Federico had other ideas from the beginning, and when he asked me out I said no. I never thought he would be my boyfriend – although we’re only a year apart in age I thought he was too much of a young boy for me. He was upset, and we didn’t talk to each other for months, but slowly we started to become friends again. And a year after we first met we became a couple. Since then we’ve never left each other’s side: we’ve danced in three ballet companies together, joining The Royal Ballet in 2003, and are now married and have a one-year-old daughter!” – Hikaru Kobayashi, First Soloist at the Royal Ballet

Do you and your partner have a great meet-cute story? Please feel free to share in the comments section below…

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{Lead image from 500 Days of Summer}

  • I’m trying to rack my brains…nothing! I liked your cute-meetup story, definitely something Nora Ephron could have written and I would have said yes for the same reasons! Loved these real life stories 🙂 seriously thought stuff like this only happens on film xx

  • Josie Pattle

    My boyfriend and met when I ended up sitting next to him on a plane – we were heading on boys/girls holidays. We got chatting and, as they say, the rest is history! I’m usually a bit coy about telling the story, but this post has got me feelin’ the love! 🙂


    • cocos_tea_party

      OMG that is a GREAT story. I always hope and pray and hot guy sits next to me on my flights. It never happens haha.

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    Thank you for including us, darling! LOVE this piece, and reading the other stories! x

    • cocos_tea_party

      Thanks for sharing your story gorgeous xx

  • lavinya royes

    So nice to read everyones love stories, I’m a sucker for romance! I always will be 🙂 Happy Valentines! – x

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