Would You Wear a Pinky Ring? Because it Looks Like They’re Having a Moment

By now I’m sure you’ve all seen Jennifer Lawrence’s US Vogue cover. The beauty shot was a nice surprise, but even more unexpected was the choice of jewellery: Jennifer models a pinky ring on the cover. I’ve never been a fan of pinky rings, mostly because the bad guys in movies always seem to wear them, so I’ve learnt they can’t be trusted. In fact, I can’t even write the words ‘pinky ring’ without picturing Joe Pesci in Home Alone or Danny Devito in Matilda. I don’t actually know if either character wore jewellery, but if they did you can guarantee they favoured a pinky ring…

Kate Upton David Yurman Pinky RingKate Upton wears not one but two pinky rings in her David Yurman ads

But it looks like pinky rings are about to have a major fashion moment, and it’s not just down to US Vogue’s September cover (although that’s definitely helped). Cult-favourite jewellery brand, Sarah Chloe, produces monogrammed signet rings, which have quickly become bestsellers. The fashion set have taken to wearing them on their little fingers, and high street retailers haven’t failed to notice. ASOS already has a decent selection of pinky rings on offer and Topshop’s initial midi rings can be worn on pinky fingers too.

Sarah Chloe Signet Ring Pinky RingsSarah Chloe signet rings
Pinky Ring Street StylePhil Oh captures a pinky ring at Paris Fashion Week for Vogue.com

So I guess it’s time we all decide how we feel about this trend, because by the looks of things it’s just heating up! To help I’ve compiled this helpful guide, listing famous pinky ring wearers.

Awesome people who wear/have worn pinky rings:
Jennifer Lawrence, Jake Gyllenhaal, Britney Spears (Justin Timberlake called her Pinky, she called him Stinky), Tilda Swinton, Diana Vreeland, Helen Mirren

Less-awesome people who wear/have worn pinky rings:
David Hasselhoff, Dr. Evil, Justin Bieber, P Diddy

Those that fall somewhere in the middle:
Chuck Bass, Kim Kardashian, John Stamos, Lindsay Lohan, Bono, Pippa Middleton

As you can see, it’s a totally mixed bunch. If you’re lucky people will catch you wearing a pinky ring and assume you’re trendsetting and super-chic, like Diana Vreeland or Helen Mirren. But there’s also a chance you’ll draw comparisons to Dr. Evil. There’s really no way of knowing how it will go…

So, would you wear a pinky ring? Or are you totally turned off by this look? Leave a comment and let me know…

  • Mar

    I’m not a big jewelry fan but it does look good on Kate though. I love the topshop selection, specially because of the initial. It looks cool.


  • I always loved pinky rings, I had one that I loved but I lost bathing in the sea… 🙁


  • When i saw the words ‘pinky ring’ I had a really kitschy/sleazy feeling about this…Then I saw the Phil Oh picture and I was reassured. I think the only way someone can wear a pinky ring is as in the Phil Oh photo – i.e. if you’re wearing rings on all your fingers, not just on your pinky.


  • Niamh

    I would wear one. I loved it when SJP wore one over a lace glove in Sex And The City. Niamh x

  • Deedy

    I Love wearing a pinky ring. It’s so classy! I’ve been wearing a PR for years!

  • Kimberly

    I have worn a signet ring with my initals for 20 years on my pinky finger.I wear it everyday,usally the only ring I wear.I rarely take it off.

    • Felix

      Your fingers have remained the same size for 20 years? You’re so lucky. My knuckles grew or something.