The Weekend Reading List

It’s been one of those weeks when I’ve constantly felt like I’m chasing my tail, trying to catch up on admin and to-do lists that never seem to get any smaller, so thank heavens it’s finally Friday! read more >

Talking Online Shopping, Instagram and Robert De Niro With Anne Hathaway

Last month I had the pleasure of sitting down with Anne Hathaway to discuss her latest movie, The Intern. What did I learn? That she is the absolute coolest! Read on for the evidence… read more >

Weekly Wish List | Feeling a Little “Clueless”

Is this “Clueless” inspired handbag the world’s coolest fashion accessory? Because I certainly think so… read more >

My Style | The Trans-Seasonal Jacket

How are you coping with the whole trans-seasonal dressing thing? Usually I sail through the “pre” seasons with little concern, but this month I’ve either been too hot or too cold… read more >