The Weekend Reading List

Anyone that follows me on Twitter or Instagram will know about my addiction to trashy TV. And The Bachelor and Bachelorette franchises are my absolute favourite. Yes, it’s embarrassing to admit, but I can’t stop watching. However, it’s always really bothered me that the show lacks any diversity. So this week I was thrilled to discover Rachel Lindsay will be handing out the roses next season… read more >

How to Successfully Shop for Glasses Online

At this point in time there is little that we won’t shop for online. Clothing, technology, food, toilet paper… Hell, even men (hey there, Bumble). But it’s always been a bit of a challenge to purchase eyewear over the internet. And that’s a shame, because visiting the opticians feels like such a chore (to me, it’s worse than going to the dentist). Plus, it’s often much cheaper to order your specs online. read more >

Weekly Wish List | A Must-Have Cashmere Brand

If you’re not already familiar with the cashmere brand Jumper 1234 I would like to make a formal introduction. Because it’s a need-to-know label! Jumper 1234 was launched by a group of friends in 2014, and their cashmere is sourced directly from the herdsmen of Outer Mongolia. The spring/summer 2017 collection is packed with covetable pieces… read more >

The 5 Day Lipstick Challenge

I’m not a hoarder. It’s simply not in my nature. In fact, I’m quite the opposite and love nothing more than a good decluttering session. However, I do have a problem when it comes to lipstick. It’s not that I hold onto shades that I don’t like. Instead, the issue is that I have a well-edited collection that rarely gets used. Lipstick is the final step in my makeup routine, and I regularly gets forgotten… read more >