The Weekend Reading List

Happy Friday everyone! Although it’s been a depressingly rainy week in the UK I’m determined to look on the bright side, and this instalment of The Weekend Reading List is packed with uplifting summer content. The Every Girl’s guide to seasonal skin and hair care is not to be missed, and the A Beautiful Mess team have shared their recipe for the perfect gin cocktail… read more >

My 9 to 5: Joanne Crosby, Ophthalmologist For Orbis Flying Eye Hospital

“When I was living in the Philippines travel was just a dream to me. But through my work with Orbis I’ve realised the world is not as big and unreachable as we imagine. For me, the most rewarding thing is knowing that I have friends in every part of the world – even in Syria, where we worked before the war began. When I first started out in my career I often felt inferior, and like I wasn’t good enough. But I’ve since realised we’re all human, and ultimately we’re all the same.” read more >

Weekly Wish List | The Pom Pom Accessory Edit

Few things in life make me as happy as pom poms do. I know that sounds incredibly dramatic, but it’s the truth. Present me with a pom pom and I will smile gleefully – no matter what kind of mood I was in before. They are just so much fun to wear! I love a pom pom trim on dresses, sweatshirts, blouses, skirts and trouser hems. But it’s pom pom accessories that are my real weakness… read more >

7 Key Things to Know if You’re Trying to Get on the Property Ladder

Those of you that follow @CocosTeaParty on Instagram may have noticed I’m currently trying to get on the property ladder. After years of living with my parents and saving like a mad woman, I finally began my search in January of this year. It’s been a draining, emotional and truly terrifying process. And there’s been so much to learn along the way. So far I’ve had two offers rejected and about four nervous breakdowns. But I’m hanging in there! read more >