How to Stand Out On Online Dating Sites

Online Dating Tips

If you’re single then I’m sure you’re sick to death of friends and family asking, “Why don’t you try online dating?”

It’s usually because their idea of online dating involves Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in You’ve Got Mail. And they often don’t realise just how many weirdos are lurking around on Tinder (my personal favourite: a man named Doug who was using a photo of Chace Crawford as his profile picture).

But it’s not a completely hopeless endeavour, because a lot of my friends met their boyfriends (or ex-boyfriends) online. They all admit they just “got lucky”, but you can boost your chances of finding someone special by creating an irresistible profile. So here are 3 really simple online dating tips that will make your profile stand out from the crowd…

Take Care When Choosing Your Profile Photos

First impressions are everything on online dating sites, so think carefully when selecting your profile picture. Ideally you want a smiling headshot, rather than a group photo, and 2-3 well-chosen candids. I once read in a magazine that women who share photographs of themselves doing things – like surfing, having fun at festival or simply walking a dog – always receive more likes because they look fun and interesting. So limit the number of selfies you post.

Write a Short and Snappy Bio

It’s hard to find the right balance when filling out your bio on online dating websites. Write your whole life story down and you end up looking a little nutty, but if you leave your “about me” section blank it’s harder for guys to strike up a conversation with you. So try a simple sentence focusing on three of your likes and interests. For example: “Hi, I’m an English teacher, am training for my first marathon and have a weird obsession with superhero movies.”

Avoid Asking “How Are You?”

Starting a conversation with someone you’ve never met before is painfully awkward. So if you’re going to wait for guys to contact you first then at least give them a helping hand and make conversation a little easier. Instead of going back-and-fourth with the whole “Hi, how are you” routine try asking, “How’s your week going?” instead. It opens up the floor for a much more natural conversation.

Did you meet your partner online? What are your top online dating tips?

P.S. The most romantic movies of all time.


  1. Maryjane says:

    Great advice! But I think the guys could do with it even more than us! I’m shocked how poor the majority of their profiles are – rubbish pictures and no personal info at all. And they probably expect to attract really hot women…. oh the double standards…!

    • cocos_tea_party says:

      It is so true. I feel like platforms like Tinder are set up in a way that makes women feel like they have to be “chosen” by men. When really we’re the ones who could do HEAPS better and they should be lucky to talk to us.

      And, yes, guys really do have awful photos. Or, the complete opposite, those overly posed “I love myself” snaps. Ick!

      • Maryjane says:

        Totally. It’s either like “I can’t be bothered to make any effort whatsoever – get used to it love”, or “I love myself in a way you’ll never get close to”!! 😉

  2. Ksenona says:

    Thanks) Perfect tips! I recently joined I wiil now try these advices)


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