Dressing for Cocktail Hour at One Aldwych

Zig Zag Print Dress CocosTeaParty

Like many of you, I spent my teenage years watching Sex and the City and I assumed my adult life would look a lot like Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha’s. Obviously it does not. But I’m still more than happy to partake in a bit of SATC-make-believe when the opportunity strikes, and this was one such occasion…

Because I hate the cold more than words could possibly explain (this is me) I asked the fabulous team at One Aldwych if I could shoot some style features in the hotel, and they kindly obliged. The Lobby Bar, pictured in this post, is one of my favourite London hangouts and I’ve spent many evenings there with friends pretending to be the SATC gang (bagsy Carrie!). Their Film & Fizz nights are always heaps of fun – comprising of a three-course dinner followed by a screening in the hotel’s private cinema – and Pretty Woman is playing on February 13th and 14th, so I recommend booking if you’re planning a single girls Valentine’s celebration. They’ll also be screening some of the Award Season nominees this spring, so keep a look out for the details.

One Aldwych Film & Fizz
Chrissie Morris Heels
One Aldwych Hotel Lobby Bar

Dress: ASOS Shoes: Chrissie Morris c/o Clutch: Jimmy Choo c/o Necklace: J.Crew Lipstick: “Black Tie” by Lipstick Queen

CocosTeaParty Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope
One Aldwych Lobby Bar
Ella Gregory Cocos Tea Party One Aldwych

Although it was only 11am when we shot these photos I got into character, slipping on my new Chrissie Morris trompe l’oeil heels and going bare-legged for the first time this year. I think Carrie and co would be proud, seeing as like all New Yorkers they braved bare legs year-round!

Photos by Kylie Martin at One Aldwych Hotel



  1. I love that hotel and the cocktails are fab!

    Lots of love,
    SilverSpoon London

  2. DreamInLace says:

    Your shoes are fantastic! They’re perfect for such a fun, glitzy occasion. Lovely!

    xoxo – Kelly

  3. lidia nicolis says:

    Love your shoes!


  4. Such a cute post! Definitely beats trying to do a fashion shoot outdoors in the cold!! That clutch is gorgeous. xx

  5. Remie Lund says:

    Love this outfit! THOSE SHOES! x.x.x

  6. Abby says:

    Oh Ella, where to start? You look amazing! Love that dress, it looks incredible on you and those shoes are fun. I too, am like a certain Ms Grahame- the repeated news warning in the north west for yet more snow from tomorrow fills me with horror. Have just bought a faux fur coat I’ve had my eye on all winter – I may just burrow into that and hibernate until the mercury rises again…

  7. Those shoes! I am dying over them. Love this shoot Ella, the shots are just lovely. Adore that lip colour on you too, it looks fab. I am very envious of your indoor photos, it is so cold in Manchester I have been wearing a coat that most closely resembles a duvet than anything else… Absolutely no fashion cred here right now…!


    Chambray & Curls

    • cocos_tea_party says:

      I constantly look like a walking duvet too at the moment. It’s really getting me down 🙁 #bringonspring

  8. Lola Byatt says:

    Love this look! love everything about this and ever part of this outfit goes really well with cocktails! I remember reading a magazine (it was probably cosmo or bliss) where they featured a girl actually living in new york, the article basically dissected every detail of carrie’s life and concluded that it wasn’t possible to have such a lifestyle on her job/wage. it made me sad! x

  9. Lisa says:

    How cool are those shoes?? Your look is definitely very SATC! 😀

  10. That dress is stunning and those shoes are so quirky!


  11. Diana Gavrilina says:

    Love the look, the shoes are so cute! x



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