7 Micro-Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Best Micro Influencers to Follow on Instagram

There’s been a lot of talk about micro-influencers recently, as brands have slowly started to notice that Instagram accounts with smaller followings tend to be more valuable than those with hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of fans. According to a recent recent survey, “influencers” with 1,000 to 10,000 followers have a like rate of 4%. Those with 10,000 to 100,000 followers generally score a 2.4% like rate. And those with 1 million upwards slip down to a 1.7% like rate.

So it just goes to show, bigger doesn’t always mean better.

And, with that in mind, here are 7 micro-influencers to follow on Instagram ASAP. All of these women have less than 20,000 followers at this moment in time, but they consistently produce some of the strongest content in my Instagram feed. Take a look and don’t forget to hit the “follow” button…

Victoria Metaxas @victoriametaxas

Instagram Micro-Influencers

Follow Victoria for… delightful shots of London landmarks, European travel destinations and touches of pink everywhere.

Brittani Rose @brittanirosepaper

Brittani Rose Paper Artist

Follow Brittani for.. an amazing insight into her work as a paper artist. Her delicate creations are seriously impressive!

Mary Wyszomierska @marymers

Mary Wyszomierska Instagram

Follow Mary for… glossy magazine shots, mini shopping hauls and a welcome smattering of rosé.

Miranda Mills @mirandasnotebook

Micro-Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Follow Miranda for… fantastic book recommendations, heaps of florals and lots of delicious baked goods.

Claire Menary @clairemenary

Claire Menary Instagram

Follow Claire for… impressive interiors, brunch shots, travel secrets and a little bit of beauty thrown in for good measure.

Sara Mueller @saramueller

Sarah Mueller Instagram

Follow Sara for… home decor inspiration, a delicious palette of soft blues and pinks, and the most gorgeous #FWIS shots.

Amanda Start @onlinestylist

Best Mirco Influencers to Follow on Instagram

Follow Amanda for… coffee, coffee and more coffee. Plus snaps of the English coastline, and a truly impressive minimalist wardrobe.

Who are your favourite micro-influencers to follow on Instagram right now? Leave a comment below to share your suggestions. And don’t forget you can follow me at @CocosTeaParty

Lead image by Amanda Start