How to Get Immaculate Blow Dries Like the Cast of Suits

Suits Meghan Markle Hair Rachel Zane

Hopefully no one has noticed the fact I’ve suddenly become the world’s biggest slacker. For the last ten days I’ve been getting by on the absolute minimum amount of work, and the US legal drama Suits is to blame.

I’m really late to the game with Suits because there are only so many hours in the day, and between Nashville, The Good Wife, Girls and The Mindy Project I never had time for it. However, I finally gave it a go last week and I’m now completely addicted. Especially as every episode looks like a shampoo commercial.

The three leading ladies are all typically New York with their immaculate blow dries, And it’s physically impossible to get through an episode without experiencing major Rachel Zane Hair Envy™. My hair is always a mess – as you know – but Suits has finally made me say enough is enough. It’s about time I learnt how to blow dry my hair properly, so I’m going to give the BaByliss Big Hair hot air brush another try.

Meghan Markle Hair Rachel Zane Suits
Suits Donna Paulsen Hair

I know so many women who swear by the BaByliss Big Hair spinning airstyler. It’s the simple way to get a salon-quality blow dry at home, but like all things it takes some practise. I got one last year, used it once, struggled to get the technique right and then shoved it under the bed to gather dust. Patience is not one of my strong suits!

But Meghan Markle (who plays Rachel Zane), Sarah Rafferty (Donna Paulsen) and Gina Torres (Jessica Pearson) have inspired me to give it another try. If I manage to achieve the desired result I’ll rename it the Pearson Hardman airstyler…

BaByliss Big Hair

Also, whilst I was doing image research for this post, I discovered Birchbox‘s interview with Sarah Rafferty, who plays Donna. She reveals some of the makeup hair and makeup tricks used on the show. It’s worth a watch if you happen to be both a Suits fan and a beauty junkie…

And I know Scottie is going to return at some point, so we’ll talk about Abigail Spencer’s amazing Victoria Beckham-inspired wardrobe as soon as I catch up. I’ve only just reached the beginning on season 2, so please don’t give anything away if you’re watching in real-time.

Are you a fan of Suits? And have you tried the BaByliss Big Hair brush?

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P.S. How to care for damaged hair and where do you wear your parting?