Too Much Makeup, So Little Space… The Storage Solution

Beauty Storage Solutions

There was a time, not so long ago, when my beauty stash consisted of a makeup bag, shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and a hairbrush. But somewhere along the line things got complicated and the product count quadrupled (and then some). That’s not a bad thing, but at the moment I’m living with my parents and I don’t have full reign of the bathroom cabinet, so I’ve had to get creative when it comes to storage space. With Monica Geller levels of organisation I’m not doing too badly though. Take a look…

MUJI Storage Makeup

Daily Essentials and Lipstick:

Seriously, what did we do before MUJI’s acrylic storage containers came along?! My favourite lipstick shades are displayed in one of the clear drawers, in the hope it will encourage me to reach for them more often (I regularly forget to apply lip colour). And I use a desktop divider for the products I grab on a daily basis – foundation, concealers, highlighters, mascaras and a few eyeliners.

Makeup Storage Brushes

Makeup Brushes and Lip Gloss:

Pretty candle jars are the perfect size for storing makeup brushes, and it’s possibly the world’s easiest DIY project… Enjoy your fancy candle, wait for any remaining wax left at the bottom to cool, carefully scrape it out with a knife, soak the jar in warm water and voila, it’s ready for makeup storage!

My favourite lip glosses are kept in a Zac Efron coffee mug, which a friend bought for me on Etsy. It seems fitting, because I’m pretty sure Zac occasionally wears lip gloss on the red carpet.

Makeup Storage Clinique Sonic System 2 3

Haircare, Skincare and Beauty Basics:

This miniature wooden crate was originally filled with apples and homemade cider, fresh from Alice Temperley’s Somsert farm. But now it houses my skincare, hair products and an assortment of beauty basics (nail polish remover, deodorant etc). I’ve been meaning to paint it for months, but I can’t decide between a simple whitewash or gold leaf effect.

You’ll also spot the Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush, which is new to my collection. I’ll share more info at a later date, but in the meantime it’s currently exclusive to John Lewis (£79) and is released nationwide on August 29th.

Mini Shopping Baskets Tiger

Incoming Products:

I’m often sent the latest beauty releases to test for the blog, and I store these incoming products in miniature shopping baskets. It’s fun to feel like you’re shopping in your own bedroom! They were £4 each at Tiger, but I’ve also spotted similar baskets in the children’s section on Amazon.

IKEA Drawer Dividers

The Top Shelf Drawer:

Finally, I store the majority of my other beauty products in the top drawer of my dresser, which means I sacrificed wardrobe space. IKEA drawer dividers help provide some form of order, but it’s still fairly chaotic in there. On the left hand side there’s powders, palettes, SPF, self tanner, a box of A/W makeup and my Braun epilator. Then on the right hand side you’ll find assorted makeup, more hair products, contact lenses, false eyelashes and cleansing cloths.

I’ll save nail polish and perfumes for another day, because otherwise this post could go on forever. But please feel free to share your own makeup storage tricks – leave a comment below or tweet me at @cocosteaparty.

Photos taken using the Olympus Pen E-P5 which has a selection of easy-to-use auto settings for camera dummies like me, as well as all the manual functions you’d find on a DSLR. Coco’s Tea Party is a UK ambassador for Olympus.

  • I love your little wooden crate, everything looks so perfect in there! I try and keep things organised in a similar manner, I also have problems with not being able to dominate the bathroom with my stuff, but everything seems to end up in the wrong boxes come 5 days after organising. xx

  • Abby

    I love the ingenious use of the Zac Efron mug. What better way to see that beautiful face everyday?! I keep my hairbrushes in a mug, make up brushes in a Jemma Kidd pot, and lipsticks in a small decorative basket – like you, in the hope that being able to see them properly will make me use them more. Everything else is just a mishmash of (dis)organised chaos…

  • I love this post (I’m so nosey about seeing other people’s homes and bathroom storage), but possibly my favourite part is the Zac Efron mug 😉
    I wish I could say mine was all beautifully contained in one bathroom cabinet, but really it’s I keep my daily skincare and products on a mirrored tray in my bathroom, with all my other daily products in a cabinet. Brushes live in candle jars, extra makeup in two Muji drawer sets (out of season colours are in a big Miu Miu box which I rotate each spring/autumn), nail polishes/tools in another Miu Miu shoe box, additional skin/bodycare products (rotated in when I use up others) are in a plastic tub under my bed, perfumes on a shelf and incoming products in a big box in my office.
    Um, when I write it all down like that, it really is apparent that I have enough beauty products to open my own boutique!
    B xx

    • cocos_tea_party

      This all sounds amazing! Please can you share pictures at some point, I’m nosey too! xx