Cover Stars: The Best (and the Rest) of the May 2014 Issues

May 2014 Magazine Covers Emma Stone

After the Kim and Kanye controversy, it looks like May is set to be much calmer month for the glossies. Many of the key publications have opted for safe cover star choices (British Vogue = Kate Moss, Vogue Australia = Kylie, Vanity Fair = Scarlett Johansson), but that doesn’t mean the results are boring. Just take a look…

This month there are four covers on my list of favourites. The first is Naomi Watts for Harper’s Bazaar Australia – I think everything from the styling to the layout is absolutely beautiful. And coming in at a close second is Kate Moss for British Vogue. Yes, it’s a predictable choice for the magazine, but I think this is one of Mossy’s best covers from recent years. I love the swishy fringed jacket!

Naomi Watts Harper's Bazaar Kate Moss Vogue UK

I was also really excited to see Emma Stone on the cover of US Vogue‘s latest issue, as she kept a low profile throughout 2013 and I’ve really missed her. I had a feeling Emma would score the cover, as she’s been doing so much promotion for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but hadn’t appeared on a single glossy! The May issue of Harper’s Bazaar UK is another personal favourite, featuring the lovely Kirsten Dunst. It feels so summery, fresh and feminine.

Emma Stone Vogue US Kirsten Dunst Harper's Bazaar

Flare magazine photographed Eva Mendes for their May issue. The cover itself doesn’t make much of a statement, but the accompanying editorial is not to be missed. Google it now if you haven’t already seen it! And over at Glamour US Scarlett Johansson models a metallic boiler suit. This is the first of two covers for Miss Johansson this month, and it’s not my favourite. Something about it feels a little off…

Eva Mendes Flare

Lady Gaga was photographed for the second edition of Porter magazine. I’m pleased the fashion team toned-down her eccentric style and striped it back to a black and white image. I definitely prefer seeing Gaga look natural. The same goes for Miley Cyrus, who is ever-so-slowly toning down her look. In fact, she’s completely covered-up on her ELLE US cover. Shocker!

Miley Cyrus Elle

But just as Miley put her clothes back on, Rita Ora is taking them off. The British signer posed topless for ELLE UK‘s May issue, which I’m kind of indifferent about. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it either. I prefer Cameron Diaz’s Glamour cover, as it feels a bit more flirty and fun with the unbuttoned dungarees and Hollywood smile.

Rita Ora Topless Elle Cameron Diaz Glamour

Rosamund Pike’s W magazine cover has made me ten times more excited for the release of Gone Girl. I mean, this is totally haunting, right? And such a brave choice for their beauty issue. I’m also really like Lorde’s Teen Vogue portrait. It’s nice to see them try something a little punky, as their April cover was sickly sweet.

Lorde Teen Vogue Rosamund Pike W

Marie Claire US pulled out all the stops for their May issue, photographing Lupita Nyong’o, Kate Mara, Elizabeth Olsen, Emilia Clarke and Elle Fanning. Out of the five covers I’m most excited by Lupita’s – even if the image does look like it came out of a La Redoute catalogue – but I think Elizabeth Olsen’s portrait has the most newsstand appeal. Which is your favourite?

Lupita Nyong'o Marie Claire Kate Mara
Elle Fanning Marie Claire

The sexiest cover of all this month has to be Scarlett Johansson for Vanity Fair. It has some serious va va voom! The mummy-to-be is currently promoting Avengers: Age of Ultron, and I can’t wait to see the accompanying editorial. Kate Moss is also working it on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar US. I don’t think it feels as fresh as her Vogue portrait (and they’ve also retouched her so much she’s beginning to resemble Kate Hudson), but it’s not terrible.

Scarlett Johansson Vanity Fair Kate Moss Harper's Bazaar

Elle Canada photographed Rose Byrne for their colourful cover, whilst fellow-Aussie Kylie Minogue posed for Vogue Australia‘s May issue. I like both covers, but out of the two I think Rose’s is slightly more memorable. After all, haven’t we seen Kylie posing in a corset like 9 million times before?

Kylie Vogue Australia

Marie Claire UK opted for a reprint of Kristen Stewart’s recent MC US editorial for their May issue. I don’t think KStew has any upcoming movie releases, so she’s a strange cover choice, but I do think it’s a lovely image. The Saint Laurent lip print looks good on her. And I’m also liking Lorde’s Fashion cover. It’s a heavy look to put on such a young girl, but she wears it with aplomb.

Kristen Stewart Marie Claire

Are you impressed with the selection of April 2014 covers? Let me know which issues you’re loving and which covers failed to impress you this month…

  • Very nice and inspiring covers!

  • I can’t wait for that W Magazine to arrive! You’re right, what a bold and brave move for a cover shot. Excited for that! I’m thrilled Emma Stone is on the cover of Vogue but am really ‘meh’ about it. It’s definitely not the best the star has looked in the past month…she’s been rocking the Spiderman tour and that looks kind of silly.


  • Phoebe

    I always love these run downs, and my favourite has to be Kirsten Dunst – I can imagine it really brightening up the newsstands this month!

    North of London – Beauty Blog

    • cocos_tea_party

      It definitely does feel perfect for spring

  • Claudia

    LOVE both Harper’s Bazaar covers, but Kirsten Dunst is definitely my favourite. I also love Kate Mara’s cover – That mint dress just works so well with her skin colour.
    Can’t stand Scarlett’s Glamour cover… it looks like she is wearing burnt foil or something! The pink writing on the cover just doesn’t work with the brown.