Luxurious Bath & Body Products to Try This Spring/Summer

Luxury Bath and Body Products

Do you feel like your skin is ready for summer? It’s been a long, cold winter, so you could probably use a nice hit of exfoliation and hydration, right about now. I’ve become very focused on body products lately, as I’m conscious of the fact my wardrobe choices are about to get a lot skimpier, and I’ll suddenly have more skin on show.

So, with the change in seasons in mind, here are five of the best luxury bath and body products to try ahead of summer…

Shay and Blue Blood Oranges

Shay & Blue Blood Oranges Body & Hand Wash

Shay & Blue’s Blood Oranges is the most delightful summer scent. It’s fresh, zesty and uplifting! A few spritzes of their Blood Oranges Eau De Parfum can instantly make me feel like I’m on a Mediterranean vacation. But if fruity perfumes aren’t your jam, try their Blood Oranges Body & Hand Wash instead. The scent is just as intense and inviting, and it will make you want to stay in the shower for hours. I’m seriously smitten with this shower gel!

Jo Malone London Exfoliating Shower Gel

Have you given the Jo Malone London bath and body collection much attention? It often gets overshadowed by their beloved fragrances, but there are some absolute gems in the lineup. My favourite product is the Exfoliating Shower Gel, which comes in three dreamy scents (Pomegranate Noir, Geranium & Walnut and Lime Basil & Mandarin). They’re all formulated with Jojoba beads, so you’ll step out of the shower with the smoothest skin. A must-have after a long winter!

Luxury Bath and Body Products

Vita Liberata Body Blur

Vita Liberata Body Blur

This is a funny little product. It’s not really a body lotion, nor is it a traditional take tan. But it gives your skin a subtle hit of colour, blurs imperfections and varicose veins, and smoothes the overall appearance of your skin. Basically it’s like CC cream for your body! If you have any weddings or formal occasions coming up, and don’t think your skin is looking summer-ready, Vita Liberata’s Body Blur will save the day! Apply a small amount of product with a tanning mitt, and your limbs will immediately look like they’ve been airbrushed…

Tory Burch Azur Shower Gel

Tory Burch Bel Azur Bath & Shower Gel

Tory Burch’s Bel Azur fragrance was inspired by the French Riviera, and is perfect for summer! It’s a fresh, fruity mix of Mandarin, Tuberose, Vetiver and Neroli. However, instead of using the Eau de Parfum I’ve been favouring the refreshing Bel Azur Bath & Shower Gel. It’s a really lovely scent to wake up with in the morning. And the blue, white and gold packaging looks absolutely stunning in my bathroom – making it a treat for multiple senses!

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

I’ve saved my absolute favourite product until last… Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream has achieved cult status within the beauty industry. The rich, delightfully-fragranced formula has been dubbed a “tightening, moisturising miracle”, and contains one of the most potent forms of caffeine on the planet to give you a tight, super-smooth bottom.

I apply it all over my body, however, as it smells delicious, absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling so smooth. It also contains a subtle shimmer – so it’s ideal for summer, when you naturally have more skin on show.

It’s expensive stuff, so not for everyday use. But, honestly, if you want to give your skin a special treat you can’t go wrong with this body cream. The fragrance alone will win you over!

Which luxury bath and body products are you your wish list for summer? Leave a comment below to share your favourites…

Pictured throughout: Gold hoops by Dinny Hall | Faux cactus plant by Sainsbury’s Home | Embroidered pouch by Elizabeth Scarlett | The Deer Park by Norman Mailer


  1. Thanks for sharing these!
    I particularly like the Jo Malone exfoliating shower gel, the body blur, and bum bum cream! Haha sounds funny just saying that 😀
    Love, Debs @

  2. Sharni says:

    I’m still yet to try the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. How does it go for tightening the skin? I love the sound of it!

    Sharni |

  3. Thanks for sharing these!
    I particularly like the Jo Malone exfoliating shower gel, the body blur, and bum bum cream! Haha sounds funny just saying that 😀
    Love, Debs


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