Support the Lush Cosmetics Cruelty Free Kisses Campaign

Lush Cosmetics are against cosmetics testing on animals and they create all their products with vegetarian ingredients using little or no preservatives. So it comes as no surprise that Lush have teamed up with the animal rights campaign, Be Cruelty-Free*. And to celebrate International Kissing Day, on July 6th, Lush and Be Cruelty-Free are attempting to set a new Guinness World Record for the most lip prints collected in 12 consecutive hours. Naturally they want all of the kisses to be cruelty free (using Lush’s 100% vegan Liquid Lips collection) and it’s really easy for you to get involved…

Lush Cosmetics Lipstick

If you want to support the #crueltyfreekisses campaign – which hopes to raise global awareness that no animal has to suffer for the sake of cosmetics – simply head to your local Lush store on Saturday July 6th. Apply your favourite shade from their lipstick collection and pucker up!

Lush Cosmetics Cruelty Free Kisses

And in other Lush news, have you played their colour therapy game yet? You basically spin this magical wheel, pick the three shades which appeal to you the most and your selection then tells you certain things about your personality. I was motivated, imaginative and passionate. A few cynics have pointed out you’re sure to get qualities which apply to you, as they’re all pretty generic personality traits (and all positive – you can’t be a lazy, miserable, idiot) but I love stuff like this. Who doesn’t want to hear they’re basically an awesome person?! You can play the game online at

* Be Cruelty-Free is the largest global campaign to end animal testing of cosmetics worldwide.