Long-Haul Flight Survival Tips and Jet Lag Tricks

long-haul flight survival guide

I’m officially back on British soil, having returned from an amazing five days in Thailand last night. The trip was incredible (stay tuned for updates coming soon), but no matter what I do I always find long-haul travel completely and utterly exhausting. Like, spend-five-days-in-bed-recovering exhausting! I’m such a wuss and clearly could never live a jet set lifestyle.

So while I curl up on the sofa recovering with Friends re-runs, here are some long-haul flight survival tips from four women who are constantly up in the air. I could learn a lot from them, that’s for sure…

Laura Robson Long-Haul Flight Survival Guide

Laura Robson, British Tennis Player: “I’ve spent way too much of my life on a plane. My main advice is not to eat during the flight – that way you can adjust to the different time zone faster. If you’re feeling peckish work out when it would be a meal time at your destination, and only eat then. Also, drink loads of water. It will force you to get up at some point during the flight to go to the toilet.” Instagram @laurarobson5

Jayne Gorman

Jayne Gorman, Travel Blogger – Girl Tweets World: “When it comes to long-haul flights I won’t get on board without a tube of Berocca Boost in my luggage. It has natural guarana in it, which gives you the energy kick you need when you land. Plus, the combination of vitamins and minerals helps ward off any sniffles you may have picked up in flight.” Instagram @jayneytravels

Donna Ida

Donna Ida Thornton, Donna Ida CEO: “Flying is really dehydrating, so moisturise at least twice on the plane and as soon as you land. If you don’t you’ll look like a prune throughout your entire trip. When I fly back from buying appointments in New York I always take the redeye and I try to sleep for a few hours. When I get off the plane I go straight into work and power through until the evening. Then, by the following morning I’m always back to normal.” Instagram @donnaida

Kit Lee Style Slicker Instagram

Kit Lee, Blogger – Style Slicker and Co-Author of Adorn: 25 Stylish DIY Fashion Projects: “For best sleep on long haul flights, I strongly recommend Holistic Silk eye mask. It’s scented with natural lavender and the material is soft on your eyes, perfect for travelling and relaxation.” Instagram @styleslicker

And, finally, my not-so-top tip… I can never get to sleep on flights, so long-haul journeys are not something I look forward to – especially if they’re overnight, because I’m always tired and irritable. Usually I’ll read a book of humours essays by David Sedaris, Norah Ephron, Mindy Kaling or Tina Fey so I don’t have to keep up with a complex plot. And I make sure my iPad is loaded with cheesy rom-coms. This time around I zoned-out with The Other Woman and No Strings Attached. Oh, and I never board a flight without a copy of The National Enquirer either…

What are your tips and tricks for long-haul travel and jet lag? As always, leave a comment and let me know.