The London Fashion Week Menu (AKA the Five-Day Sugar High)

Kris Atomic The Apartment LFWAW14 IMG_3427

Healthy eating goes out the window the second London Fashion Week begins. You can have the the will power of an Olympic athlete and the discipline of Gwyneth Paltrow, but it makes no difference whatsoever. For five days popcorn is considered a nutritional snack (it may be low in calories, but it is in no way a health food), and most meals consist of sugar and carbs. If you’re lucky a salad leaf might find its way onto your plate, but it’s not a guarantee.

This must have been my seventh or eighth season covering London Fashion Week, and by now I’ve learnt to roll with the pastry-filled diet. Healthy eating always resumes once the shows move on to Milan, so a few days of indulgence won’t hurt. Here’s a look at what was on my plate this season…

Kris Atomic The Apartment LFWAW14 IMG_3680

At The Apartment salads were provided by Clockjack Oven (their stuffing balls are heavenly!) and breakfast and afternoon tea came courtesy of Aubaine.

I started most of my mornings with scrambled eggs at The May Fair Hotel. I honestly don’t know what their chef was adding to them, but these were easily the best eggs I’ve ever tasted!

The May Fair Hotel London Room Service 3

On Sunday morning Abi Marvel joined me for breakfast and tried The May Fair’s pancakes. They were like little pillows – so soft and spongey.

The May Fair Hotel London Room Service 4

I tried to select fairly healthy options from the room service menu most evenings. On my second night at The May Fair I ordered the smoked chicken, avocado and rocket sandwich (and somehow managed to ignore the bowl of crisps).

The May Fair Hotel London Room Service

One Sunday evening I watched the BAFTA Awards in my suite with the chicken fillet burger, tomato salsa and chips.

The May Fair Hotel London Room Service 2

And, because I wasn’t that hungry on Monday evening (thanks to the Aubaine afternoon tea feast I binged on at The Apartment) I ordered roasted tomato soup with spinach ricotta ravioli and basil oil.

The May Fair Hotel Room Service 6

* Coco’s Tea Party was a guest at The May Fair Hotel during London Fashion Week, acting as their ‘Blogger in Residence’.

All photos from The Apartment by Kris Atomic. May Fair Hotel photos by Coco’s Tea Party.
  • Christina Gomes

    Hey, now I’m hungry!! :O haha Great photos!! 🙂

  • Oooh delicious, the food you ate looks amazing! I stopped off at Laduree and Shake Shack during LFW!

  • Jenna

    It all looks so yummy!

    Jenna ||

  • My fashion week diet literally consisted of chocolate bars. Pass me the vegetables…

  • Shay

    I’m so hungry now, all those pictures looked way too good to be real.

  • parkncube

    ‘roll with the pastry filled diet’ HAR! much pun so wow