How Much Can You Tell About a Person From Their Lips?

Lupita Nyong'o Orange Lipstick

Ever wondered what your lips say about you? No? Well, according to Lipstick Queen founder, Poppy King, you can tell a lot about someone’s personality just by looking at the shape of their lips. Now, I believe in astrological personality traits and Star Sign compatibility (which is sadly the reason myself, an Aries, and Ryan Gosling, a Scorpio, aren’t meant to be), but when I heard about Poppy’s lip reading capabilities I was slightly dubious…

However, back in 2009 Nylon magazine captured Poppy King in action, and her lip readings appear to be pretty accurate. Take a look at video below to see how she makes her predictions:

If you fancy a lip reading yourself make sure you head to Selfridges on February 23rd. Poppy King will be in the beauty hall from midday until 4pm to celebrate Lipstick Queen’s arrival in the department store. And in the meantime, you can purchase Lipstick Queen online or at Space NK.

Are you a fan of Lipstick Queen products? Are you tempted to go for a lip reading with Poppy King?

  • Reina

    I dont know… I’m a little more skeptical. I feel like everything she said applies to me and could apply however loosely to anyone. A lot of it was like “you’ve been shy, or can be shy but when you’re having fun you reeaallly are” and I think that can describe many people. Its also a lot easier to read someone’s aura and how they carry themselves, so I don’t necessarily think this all comes from her reading people’s lips.

  • Mac

    Some girls can’t be transformed by lipstick

  • Mac

    lips tell you how confident sexually a person is.