The Let’s Discuss Podcast: A Season One Recap

Let's Discuss Podcast

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and that has definitely been the case with the Let’s Discuss podcast! It’s been two months since Monica Welburn and I launched the weekly series, in which we explore the issues and and life hurdles you experience whilst navigating your twenties. And we’ve been so overwhelmed by your response!

We make it into the iTunes chart within 24 hours of launching, which was totally crazy. But, more importantly, we’ve received so many lovely messages from listeners. So thank you to every one who has reached out to share their stories and experiences. We’re thrilled that we’ve been able to build a community and start so many conversations.

The final episode of season one goes out tomorrow, so I felt now was the perfect time to do a Let’s Discuss recap. Here’s a look at everything we’ve covered in season one…

EPISODE #1: Social Media & Comparison
Our debut episode centred around social media, and how to manage those dark, miserable periods when you can’t stop comparing your life to everything you see on Instagram. Plus, Monica and I share both how we got into blogging and became friends.

EPISODE #2: Productivity & Procrastination
In episode two we share the productivity tips that help us structure our work weeks – including the Pomodoro Technique and the One Touch method. We also reveal our biggest procrastination temptations, and the distractions that often pull us away from our work.

EPISODE #3: Relationships & Dating
Monica and I have completely different experiences when it comes to relationships and dating. Monica has been with her boyfriend Oli since she was 19, whereas I’m single and navigating the dating scene in London. This episode explores the pros and cons of both.

Let's Discuss Podcast Monica Ella

EPISODE #4: Fitness Journeys in Our Twenties
In episode four we discuss our weekly fitness regimes and reveal how we both settled into regular routines once we reached our mid-twenties. We also share our thoughts on personal trainers, and whether they’re worth the investment.

EPISODE #5: How to Handle a Quarter Life Crisis
Monica and I were completely overwhelmed by the response to episode five. We each fell into a quarter life crisis within a year of graduating from university, and reveal our experiences and coping mechanisms in this episode. Many of you have since got in touch to share similar stories, proving it’s a common event in any twenty-something’s journey.

EPISODE #6: Role Models
Have your role models changed since you were a teenager? For myself and Monica this has definitely been the case. In this episode we reveal who we looked up to as teens, and our current role models. Plus, we also compile our dream dinner party guest lists.

EPISODE #7: Friendships: How We Create, Maintain & Value Them
In the penultimate episode of season one Monica and I discuss friendships. We share our experiences of growing apart from childhood friends, and how you can maintain a friendship whilst leading a busy life (or living miles away from your bestie).

The final episode of Let’s Discuss season one goes live tomorrow, and it’s a listener Q&A. We received so many interesting questions from you, covering everything from finances to book recommendations, so be sure to subscribe on iTunes to receive the episode bright and early tomorrow morning!

Have you been listening to Let’s Discuss season one? Which was your favourite episode? And what topics would you like us to cover in season two? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts…

Photos by Marlene Lee