Introducing the Let’s Discuss Podcast

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If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have noticed that over the last few months I’ve been working on a top-secret project with my good friend Monica Beatrice Welburn. And I’m finally able to share the big news with you… We’ve just launched a lifestyle podcast called Let’s Discuss! This has quite literally been in the works for over a year (yes, we’ve moved at a snail’s pace), and we’ve been itching to talk about it for weeks. And now, finally, we can! So here’s the story behind the show…

As you know, Monica (aka The Elgin Avenue) and I have been close friends for a number of years. And 90% of our conversations revolve around one of the following topics: life, love, wellbeing and work. (The final 10% of conversation is dedicated to fashion and the TV show Friday Night Lights).

One day we were delving deep into a discussion about the many stumbling blocks you hit during your twenties, and we realised it would be so beneficial to open these conversations up to the communities we’ve built online. Because, really, we’re all facing the same challenges. And so, just like that, the idea for the Let’s Discuss podcast was born.



Let's Discuss Podcast

After that initial “let’s make a podcast” lightbulb moment there was a lot of work to be done. We spent weeks refining the Let’s Discuss message and selecting the topics we wished to cover in our first season.

Then we had domains to register, a website to build, recording equipment to order, YouTube tutorials to watch, hours of recording sessions to get through (followed swiftly by re-recording sessions after we realised hadn’t been using our microphone correctly), artwork to design, episodes to edit and the mission of submitting the podcast to iTunes.

It’s been quite the challenge, but Monica and I have loved every minute of the podcasting process (minus the microphone debacle), and we really hope you enjoy listening to Let’s Discuss!

Straw Bag with Flowers

Listen to episode #1, Social Media & Comparison, and subscribe now on iTunes

Our debut episode centres around social media and the poisonous act of self-comparison that so often goes hand-in-hand with Instagram. As bloggers we’ve both experienced the good and bad sides to social media, and hopefully our conversation will help you form mindful social practices of your own.

We’ll be sharing a new episode every Tuesday (starting next week, March 21st), and you can subscribe to the Let’s Discuss Show on iTunes to receive new episodes the moment they’re released. Next week we’ll be discussing productivity and procrastination, which is probably my favourite episode so far. Don’t miss it!

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Subscribe on iTunes by searching “Let’s Discuss Podcast”. Episode #1, Social Media & Comparison, is available right now on iTunes and at We’re also on Twitter, at @LetsDiscussShow, so you can take part in the discussion after every show too. Eek! This is so exciting…

Photos by Marlene Lee. A big thank you to The Hambledon and Catkin & Pussywillow for providing such beautiful backdrops for the launch shoot. And to Miranda from Tea & Tattle for kindly sharing so much valuable advice as we put Let’s Discuss together.