Katy Perry Scores Her First US Vogue Cover. Now it’s the Turn of These Five Celebrities (Hopefully)…

Katy Perry US Vogue July 2013 CoverKaty Perry has scored her first ever US Vogue cover, appearing on the July 2013 issue. The 28-year-old singer was photographed for the magazine by Annie Leibovitz and models a dress from the Rodarte Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. I think it’s a beautiful cover, and whether or not you feel Katy is ‘Vogue’ material you can’t deny she has a big newsstand pull.

So far this year there haven’t been many US Vogue cover debuts. The June issue featured Kate Upton, which was a first for the model, but otherwise Anna Wintour has stuck to familiar Vogue faces. I’m hoping that we’ll see some more newbies for the second half of the year. Jennifer Lawrence is sure to score the October or November cover ready for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire‘s release.

I’d also welcome a Lena Dunham cover (wouldn’t it be AMAZING if Anna surprised everyone and booked her for the September issue?) and I think it’s about time Karlie Kloss was given the newsstand treatment. Nothing against Kate Upton, but she definitely didn’t deserve to get a cover before Miss Kloss! And, finally, both Zoe Saldana and Kerry Washington are constantly topping the Best Dressed lists, so they’re in desperate need of Vogue covers! Here’s the dream Vogue lineup for the rest of 2013. Please make it happen, Anna…

US Vogue Dream Covers 2013

It would be pretty amazing (and bizarre) if my entire wishlist came true, but I’m hoping Anna Wintour and team will make a few of these covers a reality.

Are you pleased to see Katy Perry on the July US Vogue cover? Who would you like to see cover the magazine next?

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  • Fingers crossed your last four come true. I don’t mind in which order.

    How can actresses like Zoe Saldana, starred in ‘Avatar’ the highest grossing film of all time, Jennifer Lawrence, an Oscar winner, and Kerry Washington, in the highest rated drama on TV right now, not have a Vogue cover and Blake Lively have two under her belt?

    I love Blake, but really?

    • cocosteaparty

      So true. And both Jessica Biel and Kate Bosworth also have covers each.

  • Would love to see Karlie Kloss on the cover!…I’m sure it won’t be long!…xv

  • Mar

    I would love to see Lena Dunham. It would be such a surprise but totally awesome. I’m sure Jennifer will get hers by the end of the year and I’d also like to see Zoe or Kerry. I’m not that big fan of Karlie so I don’t really mind. Who I’d love to see on the cover is SJP. I know she doesn’t have a movie coming up but I just love her so anyway, a girl can dream, right?


    • cocosteaparty

      SJP is one of their bestsellers, so I’m sure we’ll see her again once she has something to promote. Maybe her shoe collection?

  • Millie Cotton

    This cover is stunning of Katy. I’d love to see Lena on Vogue but how likely that is I’m not sure!

    • cocosteaparty

      She gets invited to the Met Gala, so she’s in Anna’s good books at least… Fingers crossed!

  • Reina

    I’m not Katy Perry’s biggest fan, but I do think her Vogue cover is stunning. And I’m SO ready for JLaw’s debut Vogue cover (sure to be the first of many)

  • www.vitoroad.com

    Definitely Zoe Saldana for me – agree with others here the Katy Perry cover is much better that would have expected…

  • Lily

    Anna has surely missed out on oppurtunities to put Zoe,Kerry and Jennifer on covers They definitely deserve covers more than anyone that has recentely been cover stars.
    I wouldnt say that Katy is perfect vogue material i mean if rihanna and Blake have two covers each why not?
    Kloss has had many editorial feature but it would be good to have more model covers and I don’t know much about Lena do can’t really comment

  • Randy

    I love Katy’s Vogue cover! I knew she was getting cover, but I thought it was going to tie in with her album release. I agree with your next 5 covers. Maybe have Karlie Kloss, Arizona Muse, and Joan Smalls share a cover (September).

    • cocosteaparty

      That could be an interesting move. I do love when Vogue do pull-out model covers!

      • Mia

        Not that I would not like to see models on the cover but they usually do not sell well. Celebrities far out sell models on covers. I highly doubt Anna will put a model on the cover unless it is Gisele or Kate Moss.

  • Mia

    I heard Jennifer Lawrence is getting the September 2013 cover of US Vogue….I love Katy Perry’s Vogue Cover, did not care for Kate Upton’s cover too much though.