Kate Middleton’s Style is Analysed in British Vogue’s “Katepedia” Article

UK Vogue February 2013 Kate Middleton feature

The Duchess of Cambridge still hasn’t sat for a magazine cover (much, I imagine, to every fashion editor’s dismay), but that hasn’t stopped an outpouring of Kate Middleton features. British Vogue celebrate her style evolution in the February 2013 issue with a brilliantly titled article, Katepedia: A Study In Royal Style, and it’s a great read!

Fashion journalist, Lisa Armstrong, was set the mighty task of analysing Kate’s style for the fashion bible, and the eight-page feature offers up a lot of information. My favourite detail, though, is the fact Kate apparently has short legs. I can’t say I’ve ever noticed, but according to an anonymous designer she’s mastered the art of eleongating her pins:

“Pre-pregnancy, she never failed to accentuate her tiny waist. Although as one (anonymous) designer points out, she favours a slightly raised waist because – they claim – she has a long body and relatively short legs. What? Short legs? Kate Middleton? I looked and looked again. And blow me down, the designer’s absolutely right – her dresses all sit a centimetre or two above her natural waist. I can’t vouch for the long body. That’s how successful the raised-waist tactic is.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m now off to study pictures of Kate to see if this is true. And I will be using this trick myself if it is! I have a long body and “relatively short legs” too, so if it works for the future queen I’m sure it will work for me…

Read the full feature in British Vogue’s February 2013 issue, on newsstands Wednesday January 9th. And FYI: the Kate Middleton lookalike on the cover is model Kati Nescher.

Images British Vogue
  • Of course this was already solved via twitter but just had to add again…I saw the cover for Vogue and was like “hmmmm who’s the model, she looks familiar?” and so i went onto vogue site and in relation to the cover, they discussed Kate’s style and not mentioned who the model was then wondered whether you had done a post and got in touch via twitter and we have an answer! So, they picked a kate lookalike, she is stunning and does bare a resemblance! I must admit, the kate’s legs being short have left me laughing too!! I’ll definitely have to check out pics. and I’ve just got a chance to have a good look at your site, not quite the same viewing it on the phone and I love it, such a nice crisp clean feel xx

    • Ella Gregory

      So pleased you like the new design. I definitely think it was time for Coco’s Tea Party to have a facelift!

  • Gemma

    Surely saying Kate Middleton has short legs is relative?! I mean, she’s 5’10 which is pretty tall – taller than normal ‘lifestyle model’ spec which is 5’9… so even if she has a long body, her legs aren’t exactly tiddling…

  • I definitely need to take some style tips from Kate, then as I have short legs too. I am betting hers are no where near as short as mine though! I love her style, so graceful and elegant, she is a natural beauty. The cover girl definitely looks like her.