The Night Jennifer Lawrence Fell in Dior. Carrie Bradshaw Much?

The red carpet arrivals at the 2013 Academy Awards weren’t overly impressive. Jane Fonda (in Atelier Versace) and Sally Field (in Valentino) were two of my best dressed, putting the under-60’s to shame. Jessica Chastain ruined all her hard work by wearing a nude dress that looks brown in photographs and there wasn’t enough Elie Saab.  But the person everyone is talking about today – Jennifer Lawrence – got it right on the night. The 22-year-old Best Actress winner wore a strapless Christian Dior Haute Couture gown and looked absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, however, Jennifer tripped on the train of her dress when accepting the award, cementing her place in the hall of ‘memorable Oscar acceptance speeches’ forever and ever. But she’s in good company. Remember who else tripped and fell in Dior? Carrie Bradshaw!

jennifer lawrence oscar fall

Carrie’s fall took place in Paris and involved a wet umbrella, marble floor and an unimpressed crowd of French shoppers. Jennifer’s fall took place at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, was followed by an attempted-rescue from Hugh Jackman and was witnessed by an audience of A-list actors. Which is more embarrassing? Let’s take a look…

Here’s Carrie’s fall:

And here’s Jennifer’s fall:

I think Jennifer Lawrence handled her Oscar fall brilliantly, and it only adds to her charm. It would have been perfect if she started her acceptance speech with the line “I fell. I fell in Dior.” But you can’t have everything…

Are you pleased that Jennifer Lawrence won the Best Actress Oscar? Did you like her red carpet look?

  • Well, both were pretty impressive, but I have to say the more graceful stumble has to be Jennifer Lawrence, more of a crumple than a full blown “rugby dive” as we would call it here in the UK!

    Zoe xxx

    • Ella Gregory

      Indeed. And she appeared to be far less embarrassed by her fall than Carrie was.

  • Not too bad of a fall, no wonder one would fall in that stair given the dress, heels and emotions!

  • I was so so happy! She is a great actress and seems to be a wonderful, funny person! I loved the dress, she looked amazing and handled the fall and speech very well!!! Love her!

  • It’s true, they both fell in Dior! I love Jen. I was so happy she won. And her dress was beyond amazing.

  • I haven’t been impressed with any of JLaw’s dresses thus far but I loved this, the colour was gorgeous. I read about the fall before I saw it and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was gonna be, hey at least she’ll be remembered! Like you I was totally unimpressed with the dresses this year, it’s the bit we look forward to most, what a let down! Ahh Carrie’s fall was cringeworthy, but not as bad as when she fall on the catwalk!!! Ahhhhh!

  • Reina

    FREAKING LOVE jennifer lawrence!!!
    I’m thrilled for her. may she win manny more little gold oscar statues in the future ;D
    And of course, she rocked her dress and handled her fall like a pro

  • Lee

    Jennifer Lawrence’s fall seems to of done her no harm at all. actually I think it has added to her popularity and got more people talking about her than if she had just got up to accept her reward without falling and we all know that in show biz all publicity is good publicity. Well nearly all good luck to her in the future she seems well rounded person and a good actress.

    Thanks lee