How to Successfully Shop for Glasses Online

Shop for Glasses Online

At this point in time there is little that we won’t shop for online. Clothing, technology, food, toilet paper… Hell, even men (hey there, Bumble). But it’s always been a bit of a challenge to purchase eyewear over the internet. And that’s a shame, because visiting the opticians feels like such a chore (to me, it’s worse than going to the dentist). Plus, it’s often much cheaper to order your specs online.

After a few failed attempts in the past I think I’ve finally cracked the code and figured out how to successfully order glasses online. And here are the four key things to remember…


It’s easy to get carried away when shopping for eyewear, because there are so many cool glasses out there. But, as with haircuts, the latest trends aren’t necessarily going to suit you. And that’s why it’s so important to understand which styles will flatter your face shape.

Vision Direct have just launched their #MyFaceShapeIs microsite to help customers find frames that flatter. I have a square face, so they suggested I stick to oval shapes or rectangular frames with rounded edges. Anything too angular will just broaden my face. So if you’re curious to discover which styles suit you fill out the #MyFaceShapeIs quiz.

How to Shop for Glasses Online

Style Notes: Aspen frames, c/o Vision Direct | Hush blazer | Boden T-shirt c/o


I started wearing glasses at 17, and every single pair of spectacles I’ve owned since then have been tortoiseshell. Because if ain’t broke don’t fix it, right? Tortoiseshell sits nicely with my hair colour and also works with my skin tone. Whereas bold, dark frames often wash me out or look too overpowering.

So, before settling on a style, think carefully about what will work with your colouring. And if you’re considering bright or pastel frames question whether they’ll compliment your daily wardrobe and makeup choices.


Finding the right shape and colour isn’t all you need to consider when shopping for glasses online. It’s also wise to hone in the little details that will be more noticeable in person. So check to see if your desired pair has any unsightly branding, embellishments on the arms or other small design details.


This final tip is a bit of a no-brainer, but before ordering a new pair of glasses online make sure your prescription is up to date. Some opticians don’t list your PD (pupil distance) on prescriptions, so you may need to contact them ahead of time to get your PD measurements.

Have you ordered eyewear online before? What are your tips for getting it right?

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