5 Ways to Make Fine Hair Look Thicker

How to make fine hair thicker

It’s unfortunate that as human beings we’re hardwired to always want what we don’t have. Especially when it comes to physical features. I wish my hair wasn’t so fine, and over the years I’ve adopted a series of tricks that create the illusion of thickness. If you also crave long, luscious locks here are 5 things things you can do to make fine hair look thicker…

OK, so for a start you can actually have healthier and thicker hair by making some simple changes to your diet. In the post 5 Natural Beauty Secrets From a Nutritional Therapist Gabriela Peacock reveals exactly what you need to eat to encourage hair growth. Spoiler Alert: “Berries are packed full of the potent water-soluble antioxidant Vitamin C, which is a critical nutrient for hair growth and skin health.”

Bumble and bumble recently launched their Full Potential haircare range which is targeted towards men and women with fine, thinning or breakage-prone hair. The shampoo, conditioner and booster spray all work to create an “optimal scalp environment” that improves hair quality. I’ve been using the trio since the beginning of the year, and have noticed I shed less when I brush and have a bit more bounce to my hair.

It might sound gross, but washing your hair less often can make a noticeable difference to the texture. In my post How Often Do You Wash Your Hair? Errol Douglas MBE shared his tips for managing fine hair, and they may surprise you. “I recommend washing once a week with shampoo, and a daily rinse with water,” he said. “That way natural oils useful for styling are maintained but residual environmental wear is rinsed away.”

If you’re looking for more extreme measures, adding a few subtle highlights to your hairstyle can create the illusion of thickness (it’s one of the reasons I went blonde). “Colour is the perfect tool to get fuller-looking hair,” my Headmasters colourist Amelia Gold explains. “Highlights increase the look of thickness because the mix of light and dark tones produce a shadow effect.”

And if all else fails there are always hair extensions. Personally I think clip-ins are the smartest choice, because prolonged use of permanent extensions can cause damage to your hair – especially if it’s fine to begin with. Luxy Hair sell 100% Remy human hair in variety of natural shades, and Hershesons are the go-to brand for natural-looking synthetic extensions.

Do you have any tried-and-tested ways to make fine hair thicker? I’d love to hear your suggestions… 

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{Featured Image: Mimi Ikonn, co-founder of Luxy Hair}

  • I have fine hair too, and I find a good hair mask / conditioner makes a big difference. I love Bumble & Bumble, but haven’t tried their Full Potential range yet (I’ve always stuck to Seaweed in the past) – now I definitely want to give it a go! And Mimi Ikonn always gives me hair envy!!! I’ve thought about investing in some Luxy hair extensions, but I’m still in two minds…generally I like to keep things as natural as possible! xxx

    • cocos_tea_party

      Yes, I’m also thinking about investing in some Luxy extensions. Mimi’s hair always looks amazing, so I’m pretty sold on the idea xx

  • cocos_tea_party

    Oh that sounds great. Is a mask specific to fine hair? I would love to give it a try!

    • They advise it for weak or heat-damaged hair rather than fine, but if you want to try it it’s called Kérastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Milk – it’s about £20 RRP but usually £15 somewhere online!