3 Simple Ways to Become a Better Blogger by chloédigital

How to Become a Better Blogger Chloe Watts

I’m so excited to welcome my good friend Chloé Watts to CTP today. As the brains behind chloédigital – the membership programme that provides tech, design and strategy support to top tier style publishers around the world – she knows exactly what makes a successful blog. And in this special guest post Chloé kindly shares her tips on how to become a better blogger…

The Internet has the answer to just about every blogging problem: how to grow your traffic, increase your engagement, or score higher SEO points… However, most of these guides tend to miss one crucial factor – the blogger themselves.

I have been working with bloggers for over a year and a half through the chloédigital membership. And while I can assure you there is no secret sauce to making a blog successful, I can confidently say that our most successful members are those who keep striving to make themselves better publishers.

So how can you do that? Here are three simple tips that can help make all the difference…

Have a plan – and keep it human

It’s not easy to keep track of your progress unless you’ve established a plan. In fact, it’s nearly impossible. But it’s also really hard to stay motivated if your plan of action only includes numbers and percentages.

So my key tip is to think of your short and long-term goals in two parallel directions: your blog as a business, and your blog as a creative outlet. I see too many publishers who think of their goals and challenges only in terms of figures, but blogging is so much more than that!

Dedicate some time to writing your blog goals, and try to put down a long-tail dream for each numerical target on your list. For instance, you might want to increase your traffic by 15-20% within the next six months. That’s a great goal, but I doubt it’s your only blogging aspiration. So always add creative-driven targets to your plans, like ‘spend more time curating my social media to have a more cohesive aesthetic’ or ‘reach out to X amount of sites and pitch collaborations’.

How to Become a Better Blogger Chloe Watts

Focus on regular content

‘Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to creating content.’ I’m sure you’ve all heard this line before, and it’s absolutely true. But what this claim fails to tap into is frequency. It doesn’t matter how many times a day or a week you post, as long as you maintain a solid publishing habit. Consistency really is key!

If you’re having trouble finding enough time to post three times a week, reduce it to two. You will feel less overwhelmed, and it will stop you from overworking yourself one week then falling behind with your content the week after. If you don’t have an editorial calendar already create one and make it your best friend. It will save you endless amounts of energy and help even out your content topics.

Build a strong SEO foundation

SEO can feel like a chore, but  try to look at it this way: why spend so much time and energy creating quality content if people will struggle to find it?

Educating yourself on SEO optimization will undoubtedly make you a better blogger. Familiarise yourself with best practices and start thinking of optimization as an intricate part of the creation process for each post. You can incorporate this into your blogging activity by dedicating a few extra minutes to each post for SEO revision.

If one of your long-term goals is to become an authority in beauty reviews, for instance, make sure your SEO efforts are being pointed in this direction.

Developing your skills and knowledge as a blogger is a continuous but extremely rewarding process. Hopefully, these three tips will not only help you grow your career, but also find new motivations for yourself and your site!

If after following these tips you’re excited about your plans and feeling like a #girlboss, join our free 5-day email course to keep discovering new ways of growing your blog and building your online authority.

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